10 Reasons Why I Don't Have Money ...


10 Reasons Why I Don't Have Money ...
10 Reasons Why I Don't Have Money ...

"**Why Don’t I Have Money**?" I find myself asking this question a lot these days. I eyeballed my spending habits and if you can relate, you too can learn from my mistakes and why I don’t have any money. I'm sure lots of you, like me, need to learn how to save money, in small ways and large ones. I've got you covered, though, with some great tips!

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I Buy Coffee Daily

When I found myself asking "Why don't I have any money?" the first thing I looked at was my caffeine habits. I have a coffee pot at home but I crave lattes, woe is me! I realized that I spend around $10 per day on coffee and I could buy a bag of coffee for that price! I invested in a cute travel mug and make my own skinny lattes now.


I Pay Bills Late

I forget to pay bills every now and then. This meant a ding on my credit along with late fees. I enrolled in auto-pay so now my bills are automatically deducted from my account and it’s one less thing to remember!


I Eat out Too Much

It’s fun to take a break and go out for lunch with co-workers, but it’s another reason why I don’t have money. I once sold a purse to buy dinner because I was so broke from eating out all the time, true story. Don’t be like me and pack a lunch.


I Buy Bottled Water

I bought separate water bottles for work, the gym, etc. and it added up. So, I invested in a reusable filtered water bottle and fill up at the water cooler at work and avoid dehydration. Expensive water bottles are no longer the reason I don’t have money. You'd be amazed at how changing a few things like this can make saving money much easier.


I Have 900 Channels on TV

I had a free trial for these premium channels and then never unsubscribed after the trial ended. I enjoyed the entertainment, but I learned that I can get the same movies and shows through Netflix or Redbox. Now, I watch a movie for a dollar and still get my Ryan Gosling fix.


I Don’t Budget

I consider myself a free spirit who was also free with money; this might be the main reason why I don’t have money since I was spending money without thinking about it. Now I record everything I buy and owe and track every dollar.


I Buy Too Many Clothes

If you want to learn how to save money, check your closet. I liked to treat myself to new clothes when I had a bad day or a good day, I was out of control. I learned to recycle outfits and layer clothes for new looks. Even if I’m broke, I don’t have to look like I don’t have money.


I Buy Drinks

I like my cocktails but don’t like fussing over the check when I’m tipsy; so I picked up the bar tab a lot. This totally made me broke and a huge reason why I didn’t have money.


I Charged Everything

I went through a period where I was charging everything, even groceries. I was charging the basics due to not having cash.. Nowadays, if I can’t get it with debit, I go without..


I Bought Brand Name Everything

Designer jeans and purses are nice but buying brand name cheese and soup is unnecessary. Generic brands are just as good as the brand names and cost much less moolah.

I hope you learned from my money mistakes or already knew better. Now I know why I don’t have money and spend wisely. Do you have any tips on how to save money?

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Only one of these apply to me and yet I'm broke

Congrats for being honest. I agree all the above make us spend a lot.

11. I don't have a job.

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