8 Unusual Ways to Make Money ...


8 Unusual Ways to Make Money ...
8 Unusual Ways to Make Money ...

Making extra money is a necessity for many people these days, with the cost of living growing ever higher. But everyone is trying the usual methods, such as selling on eBay, dog-walking, and so on. So some people come up with very unusual ways to make money. Here are some of the more unusual ways to make money that ingenious – and adventurous – people use …

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Street Entertainment

People who like performing can set up in the street and try their hand at charming money from passers-by. It helps to come up with a “show” that´s just that little bit different if you want to attract attention. And do be careful about avoiding the attention of the authorities – the best option is to get the appropriate permit (or be very fast at running away!).


Car Advertisements

If you don´t mind being stared at when you´re driving, then your car can be used as a mobile advertisement. Companies will pay to cover it with adverts. You won´t make a fortune, but it´s a good way of making extra money to subsidise the cost of running your car.


Begging Website

Did you hear about the girl who set up a website pleading for contributions to help pay off the huge credit card debts she had accumulated? It actually worked; not only did she receive enough to pay off her debts, but also got a subsequent book deal. So if you´re pretty shameless and not easily embarrassed you could try the cyber-begging route!


Selling Eggs

In the US, women can earn thousands of dollars selling their eggs to infertile couples (it´s illegal in the UK). Graduates from prestigious universities such as Yale and Harvard can charge more. This is a pretty tough way of making extra money, however, as the donors have to take drugs to encourage the egg production, and then undergo a medical procedure to remove them.


Human Guinea Pig

If you´re looking for unusual ways to make money, you can be paid to participate in medical studies. As with egg donation, this isn´t something to be entered into without careful consideration though. If something goes wrong, your health could be at risk, so there are probably better ways of earning extra cash!


Skip Diving

Have you ever noticed how people throw away items in very good condition? Well, one man´s trash is another man´s treasure! Anyone who has the appropriate skills can pick up these items, repair or decorate them, and sell them on. People can make good money repairing and painting furniture, for example.


Selling Old Shoes

Believe it or not, there are, shall we call them collectors, who will pay for old, worn out shoes. So if you´re not too squeamish you can earn extra cash via this method! It´s definitely only one for the very broadminded though!


Teaching Flirting

Are you really good at chatting people up? If you´ve got a talent for flirting, you could do what others are doing and set up a flirting school! Yes, there really are people who will pay to be taught how to flirt. There is money in everything, it seems!

There really are some extraordinary ways of making extra money. Most of us probably wouldn´t want to try them! But for those who have a lot of nerve and an adventurous spirit, they can be pretty lucrative. Have you ever come up with any unusual ways to make money, and how well did you succeed?

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What is the website where the girl was pleading for money (begging website)? It sounds interesting, I would love to read her book.

Haha these are great!xD unusual but legit x) yes a flirting school!lol

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