8 Tips for Making a Budget when in Your 20s ...


8 Tips for Making a Budget when in Your 20s ...
8 Tips for Making a Budget when in Your 20s ...

Tips for making a budget may sound boring when you're only young, but when it comes to getting into good financial habits, the earlier you start, the better for you. It may be tempting to live it up because "you're only young once", but it won't be as much fun when you're older and in debt. You will wish that someone had told you some budget-making tips to save you a lot of distress! So here are some tips for making a budget in your twenties, and you'll be happy that you did …

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Prioritize Bills

The first of my tips for making a budget is to pay your bills as soon as your salary hits your account. That means rent, utilities and other essential bills. The easiest way to do this is to set up a direct debit. Don't spend any other money until those bills are paid. That way, you can ensure that the necessary things are taken care of before the fun and games.


Don't Go Mad

You`re young, have no family responsibilities, and your pay check is all yours. Party on, you think! Well, there´s nothing wrong with having a good time, but don't overdo it. Set a budget from your remaining money after your bills have been paid for going out, and stick to it; if you've spent all your entertainment budget, stay at home or find something free to do.


Savings First

Another of the best tips for making a budget is to think of savings. You might think that it is not a priority when you have years ahead of you, but those years will pass sooner than you think. Start a savings plan, and divert some of your spare cash to it before you allocate spending money. It's always nice to have a little money to fall back on should you need it!


Be Selective

It can be tempting to splash out on gadgets, holidays and clothes when you're young and want to enjoy yourself. However, this can cost you dearly both in the long and short term. Spending beyond your means will quickly lead to problems, so be selective about what you buy; you don't need most of the things you want. This is an important tip for making a budget.


More than Shopping

Shopping can be fun, but there's more to life than hitting the shops. Here's a budget-making tip to remember. Think about your motivation for shopping. Is it a form of recreation, or do you shop because you're bored, or because you feel you deserve it? If you spend a lot, look for something else to entertain and fulfill you, so you don't get into financial difficulties that you could still be dealing with well into your thirties.


Inexpensive Nights out

If you like socializing a lot, and don't want to cut down, then here is one of the helpful tips for making a budget and still being able to get out a lot. Look for inexpensive ways of having a night out, such as meeting at friends' houses, or sources of cheap tickets. You can also look into free entertainment, like local art shows, or new bands playing for free in your local coffee shops!


Shop Smart

When you do want to buy something, consider carefully whether you really want it. Don't buy anything that you don't really need or love. If you decide to shop, look around to make sure you get the best deal. Keeping your eyes peeled for sales and clearances is one of the best tips for making a budget! Always be a smart shopper, and make your money go further.


Think Ahead

Finally, plan ahead for both anticipated and unexpected events, so that you'll have the money to deal with anything that pops up. If you have a car, put aside money for running costs and repairs. Also, have an emergency savings account so that you're covered if you lose your job. This tip for making a budget is a very smart move!

o, there are my 8 budget-making tips! It might seem really boring making a budget when you're only in your twenties, but trust me, the older you get, you will look back and be glad that you took the time and heeded these tips for making a budget! It's so important to look after your finances and make sure that you have savings. You don't want to be worrying about money when you're older, and wishing that you hadn't blown all your cash! Can you add any tips for making a budget - perhaps ones that you wish someone had told you when you were in your twenties?

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