7 Smart Reasons to Have Secret Savings ...


7 Smart Reasons to Have Secret Savings ...
7 Smart Reasons to Have Secret Savings ...

Having a secret savings account might seem like a dishonest act when you´re in a relationship. Ideally, everything should be open between partners. However, it is estimated that many women do indeed have a secret savings account, and there are some sound arguments in favour of doing so. Here are some smart reasons to have savings that nobody knows about …

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Rainy Day

Of all the reasons to have savings, the old adage about saving for a rainy day is one of the top ones. For many of us, the rainy day is here, and there are lots of people finding it very tough right now. It´s smart to save as much as you can whenever you can, so that you are covered when times are more difficult.



Having a secret savings account can actually be a pleasant surprise for your partner when you choose to reveal it. Let´s say you want to treat them for their birthday and take them on a special trip. That´s hard to do if you share accounts! A secret account will give you the opportunity to save up for surprises like this.


Avoids Temptation

However much you love your partner, they may not be good with money. Some people just like to spend whatever they´ve got. If they don´t know what you´ve got hidden away, then they won´t be tempted to encourage or try to persuade you to spend it! It´ll also mean that you won´t be tempted yourself to dip into it, as you´d have to explain where you got the money!


Love Doesn´t Conquer All

We´d all like to believe in happy ever after, but you only have to look at the divorce rate to know that isn´t always possible. When you factor in the unmarried relationships that break up, it´s even less likely that things will work out. Sure, some people do make it last, but always keep your head, and have money of your own in case things don´t last.


Independent Women

One of the best reasons to have savings is that we are modern women and shouldn´t need to rely on anyone else. Having savings, secret or otherwise, gives you options in life. The more that you have tucked away, the better, and it´s a very smart move to have money that is yours and yours alone.


Your Money

Every couple has to work out what the contribution of each partner will be towards living costs. It´s only fair that you pay your share, but the rest of the money is yours. You earned it, and you should save it for whatever you want. Saving is definitely better than spending, as it´ll be there when you really need it or want to do something smart like study in order to improve your career prospects.


Security for Your Future

The sad fact is that many relationships do break up these days, and however much you love someone, it can still go horribly wrong. Life – and people – are very unpredictable, so always look out for your own interests. Having a secret savings account will give you options if you ever find yourself in a situation where leaving is in your best interests.

While I don´t advocate lying to your partner – relationships should be built on trust, after all – this is the real world, and it can be a very smart move to have a secret savings account. We should all be able to take care of ourselves, whatever circumstances we find ourselves in, and money is a big help in achieving that. So there are plenty of reasons to have savings that only you know about. Have you ever had a ´running away´ account?

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What a pathetic, sad article. My husband and I share everything, there is no "his" and "hers" when it comes to money. It is OURS. We are a team that works together towards COMMON goals. And yes, we had a conversation that basically concluded that if we do ever part, we part 50/50...keeping secrets does NOT make for a long lasting relationship and neither does the "I earned it it's mine!" attitude...

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