7 Things That Are Easy to Sell when You No Longer Need Them ...


7 Things That Are Easy to Sell when You No Longer Need Them ...
7 Things That Are Easy to Sell when You No Longer Need Them ...

Things that are easy to sell exist all around you! In your kitchen, closet, garage… everywhere you look, you’ll find some unused or unloved thing that is easy to sell! Add those to the list of all the things you’ve loved, used and find in good enough shape to pass along, and you’ve got yourself a real shot at making some serious cash on the side, right in time for the holiday season! Sounds like a good plan, doesn’t it? Well, take a peek at this list of things that are easy to sell and can even be sold way easier than you could have guessed and start de-cluttering right now:

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Premium Brand and Vintage Items

Whether we’re talking contemporary designs or vintage treasures you’ve discovered thrifting, or going through your mom or grandmother’s closets, accessory chests and jewelry boxes – premium brands always sell good and are guaranteed to help you become one happy seller. No particular list of things that are easy to sell to worry about here, as they all sell pretty well, whether we’re talking shoes, bags, accessories or clothes. Limited edition, sold- out, or highly coveted items tend to do better when it comes to the asking price, although vintage items (especially the old new stock items) rate pretty high as well.



Selling a fugly lamp, or vase you couldn’t care less about, or a spare set of whatever house-related items you have lying around the house isn’t as hard as you think. In fact, I’m sure many folks turn to ads and garage sales hoping to find a perfect new (or as good as new) accent to refresh their home or life with. The older and the more unusual your item is, the better!



Books are another thing that are easy to sell once you no longer need them, want them, or have enough space to keep them around. You can sell your own collection, clear that space you’re planning to put into a good use, and even make a few bucks while doing so, or turn it into a part time job! Yes, you’ve got that right – in case you’re thrifty or know a lot of places where you can find inexpensive used books, you’ll have no problem ensuring a constant supply of fresh auction material. Sell them online for the price two or even three times higher than the one you’ve paid and definitely keep an eye out for really old books, as they may prove to be valuable collector’s items!



I’m sure each and every one of us have plenty of things that sell collecting dust somewhere in the garage! It’s things like grandpa’s old clock, and granny’s flowery sofa, as well as other old pieces of furniture, cutlery and house decorations. Now, I know only things older than 100 years are considered true antiques but even an item that is less than 100 years old can be considered an antique of a different degree and can be a subject of interest! Selling these items may add quite a bit to your budget. It doesn’t have to look beautiful to you to be valuable, take my word for it.



Speaking about those old dust collectors you probably can’t wait to get rid of – you might be interested to know that pieces that are old, but unfortunately not old enough to be antiques, are called collectibles! And in some cases collectibles can match or even exceed the price of an antiqued piece! Neat, huh? Everything from old magazines, posters, postcards, records, bonds and stamps to toys, figurines, perfume bottles and watch boxes can help you pocket some serious cash!

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Children’s Clothing

Well, here’s another thing to sell that you might find really interesting! Why give away all those beautiful, unworn gifts or admit that the rash purchases you’ve done in your crazy-shopaholic-mommy mood have been a loss when you can pass them along in exchange for money? Even things that are not new with tags can be a good source of profit and there’s no rule that says that you can’t give away something as well! Give it a go – find and list some of the things your children don’t need any more to help fund all of the things they do need!


Busted or Old Technology

Last on my list is something I’m sure all of you have lying around or have even made a mistake of throwing out at some point. Yup, even old or busted tech can prove to be a great source of profit all thanks to the fact that there is someone out there greatly attached to a piece of technology that might be missing exactly what you have to offer. This especially goes for laptops and you’d be surprised to learn how many people there are interested in buying your busted and long replaced item just so they could crack it open for spare parts.

Are there any other easy to sell items and what would you suggest to folks that need an advice on where to start selling? Do tell! How do you manage to sell things easily and which items do you love selling the most? Please share your tips and tricks below!

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If I wanted to sell clothes on ebay,used, a course, does the clothes have to have tags on them?

This is really helpful! I've tried eBay unsuccessfully before, and if I had these tips I think I would've made some money!

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