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9 Compassionate Careers That Make a Difference ...

By A.J.

For those who want a little more from life than a money-making job, compassionate careers can be found just about everywhere. If you really want to help people, animals or the planet and you’d like to truly make a difference in life, check out the following compassionate careers that might fit you.

1 Veterinarian

Treating animals as a vet is one of the most compassionate careers you will find. You will not only be helping innocent beings that do not have the ability to help themselves, but you’ll also be the voice of reason for pet owners and help them take better care of their lovable companions.

2 Childcare and Early Education

Childcare requires a delicate approach and a compassionate guiding hand. You’ll be working with children who need special attention, and you’ll find this career can be a truly challenging, but highly fulfilling one as well.

3 Registered Nurse

The duties of registered nurses vary depending on specialty; however, their constant care for patients always stays the same. If you really want to make a difference as a registered nurse, you may also want to explore the crisis care branch, which is constantly in search of good medical practitioners.

4 Concierge

One of the compassionate careers that can really put your patience and emotional endurance on trial is concierge. This career path involves taking care of often unique personal services for guests, involving anything from finding a babysitter to monitoring house maintenance requests at 5 in the morning.

5 Funeral Director

While not anyone can do this, being a funeral director is an honorable and compassionate career choice. Equipped with excellent organization skills and kept up-to-date with industry-related details, funeral directors also have the delicate task of handling the family members of the dearly departed in a trying, delicate and emotional period.

6 Correctional Officer

Being a correctional officer in a prison or correctional center requires the ability to keep the peace in a tense situation and supervise inmates to prevent assaults or crisis situations. Above all, you need a healthy dose of positivity and compassion to keep it together and help all those involved.

7 Family Therapist

Being a family therapist is probably one of the careers that require the most compassion and understanding. You need to use your ingenuity, people skills and empathy to reach out to families in need of guidance and help them find a way to solve their problems, while ensuring a better life for themselves and their children.

8 Flight Attendant

Becoming a flight attendant can be stressful and risky, but it is also quite fulfilling. It’s your job to make sure everyone is safe, comfortable and taken care of while in flight, and you’ll often have to solve problems relating to poorly managed children or restless passengers.

9 Alternative Healthcare Practitioner

Chiropractors, reflexologists, energy healers and other integrative and alternative healthcare practitioners are probably some of the most compassionate people you will run into. These careers ask you to go above and beyond normal healthcare responsibilities and form a true empathic bond with the patients, in order to assist with deep healing processes.

Of course, some of these compassionate careers are also difficult paths to take, and they may not be for everyone. Still, isn’t it worth trying to make life just a little better instead of simply struggling for self-sustenance? What are your thoughts on this and which of these career paths appeals to you the most?


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