23 Useful Infographics to Help Your Career ...

By Rosalina

If you're looking for some ways to kick-start your career this year then you will love these career infographics. Whether you're starting out in your new career, thinking of which career to go into or looking to make some changes in your career, these career infographics are sure to help.

1 Personality Types

Personality Types If you're thinking about choosing a career or changing career then this is one of the great career infographics out there. See if the job you're looking to go into or indeed the job you have, fits with your personality type. It's not an exact science but it's interesting never-the-less!
Source: uk.businessinsider.com

2 Productivity

Productivity Looking for ways to be more productive? Have a look at this infographic for some top tips.
Source: entrepreneur.com

3 Positivity

Positivity If you find that you're a bit of a negative Nancy at work and you want to transform into a positive Paula, have a look at these ways to boost your positivity at work.
Source: bitrebels.com

4 Interview Attire

Interview Attire If you have an interview on the horizon then have a look at this infographic for tips on what to wear and what to avoid.
Source: pure-jobs.com

5 Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs What better person to inspire you than the late and great Steve Jobs. Have a look at some of his words of wisdom.

6 Presentations

Presentations If you have a presentation coming up then you might be interested in these body language tips for presentations.
Source: entrepreneur.com

7 Perfect Power Points

Perfect Power Points We've all sat through power-point presentations where we have secretly wished for the sweet release of death. Well, ensure that you don't inflict that on anyone else by having a look at some ways to make your presentations less of a snooze-fest.
Source: aha-now.com

8 Leaders

Leaders This is a great infographic for leaders and shows you how you can refocus a team.
Source: anethicalisland.wordpress.com

9 Goal Setting

Goal Setting New year, new you and new goals. Have a look at this goal-setting infographic to help you achieve the goals you set this year.
Source: graphs.net

10 First-Time Managers

First-Time Managers If you have just got that management position you have been striving towards, congratulations! Have a look at some of these leadership tips for first-time managers.
Source: profilesasiapacific.com

11 Steps to Success

Steps to Success If you're wondering why you're not as successful as you think you should be then have a look at this infographic to see whether there is something you could modify about your outlook or behavior.
Source: bitrebels.com

12 Career Path

Career Path If you can't decide which career path to follow then have a look at this infographic to see how to follow the career path of your dreams.
Source: theundercoverrecruiter.com

13 Weekends

Weekends I found this Forbes infographic really interesting as it shows what successful people do at weekends. Do you do any of these things at the weekend?

14 Business Attire

Business Attire Obviously what you wear depends on where you work and your personal style. It's safe to say that businesses require their employees to look professional and smart. This doesn't have to mean dull and dreary though and there are some ways to add a little of your personality to otherwise boring business attire. Add a little color and simple accessories to show your personality but that you also mean business.
Source: businessinsider.com

15 Skills Wise

Skills Wise Want to know what skills you will need in the world of work in the future? Have a look at this infographic.
Source: bostinno.streetwise.co

16 Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur If you're a budding entrepreneur then you will be interested in some of the traits you should possess.
Source: brandongaille.com

17 Clear Communication

Clear Communication Whether you're dealing with clients or colleagues, these tips for clear communication will help in the work place and beyond.
Source: mentalhealth-station.com

18 Work Smarter Not Harder

Work Smarter Not Harder We have all heard that at some point or another. Getting the job done well doesn't mean you have to sacrifice everything else. Here are some tips to work smarter and not harder.
Source: bitrebels.com

19 Interview Tips

Interview Tips Here are some top tips for that next interview.
Source: self.com

20 Horrible Bosses

Horrible Bosses If you're a boss then you might be interested in some of the traits of horrible bosses although I'm sure you're not guilty of any of these!
Source: huffingtonpost.com

21 Indispensable

Indispensable Want to know how to be indispensable at work? This tells you exactly what to do.
Source: catherinescareercorner.com

22 LinkedIn

LinkedIn LinkedIn is a great networking platform and this infographic shows you how to ensure your profile really stands out.
Source: lifehack.org

23 Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Should I Stay or Should I Go? Deciding whether or not to leave your job can be the most difficult decision you make. People will advise but ultimately if you're unhappy, you know deep inside what you need to do. This infographic should help you make a decision too.

There are so many interesting infographics and these are just a few of them. Which is your favorite?

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