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7 Tips for Choosing a New Career ...

By Alison

Are you thinking of choosing a new career? These days few people stay in the same job throughout their working career, and you may be feeling like a complete change of direction. But what should you go for? There are many factors that will guide your choice, and you'll want to find the right type of job, especially if you're not happy with your current career. Here are some tips to help when you're choosing a new career …

1 Interests

When thinking about choosing a new career, start by considering what you're interested in. Do you have any hobbies that have the potential for being turned into a career? Do you have talents that you could turn into a business? Think about your interests and how they could be turned into a career; you may even be able to combine two things and find a new angle.

2 Prospects

When you've come up with some ideas, consider what prospects they have. Could you develop a career in any of those fields? Are there opportunities for promotion and increasing your salary? But if there's lots of job satisfaction and that's important to you, it's still worth considering even if the financial rewards aren't high.

3 Aptitude

Also take into account your aptitude for various careers. You may like the idea of going into nursing, but if you hate the idea of working shifts, you're not likely to enjoy this kind of career, which in most cases will require shift work. As well as the job being right for you, you've got to be right for the job, so be realistic and think about how well you would be suited to another type of career.

4 Change

Do you feel the need for a complete change in direction? We can fall into a career almost by accident, and decide over time that it's not really what we want to do long term. If so, this may influence your next step. A drastic change may surprise people, but it could also be the best move you ever made.

5 Training

Going for a different career may well require further training or study. Are you prepared for that kind of commitment? Can you afford the costs of study? You may have to combine study with working full-time in your present job or fit it in around family commitments.

6 Demand

It's also worth considering which skills are in demand. For example, if you have a practical mind, and there is huge demand for plumbers in your area, that could be a good choice. Job satisfaction is very important, but so is choosing a career that you can make a living from.

7 Fulfillment

Lastly, think about what you find fulfilling in a job. Is it salary, perks and status, or do you like to feel that you are making a difference? Would job satisfaction be adequate compensation for a lower salary? You spend a lot of time at work, so deriving some fulfillment from it is very important.

Choosing a new career can be daunting, especially if it means making major changes in your life. But it can also be incredibly fulfilling and lead you down exciting new paths. It's not unknown for people to do several very different jobs during their working life. What would be your dream job?

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