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7 Ways to Earn More at Your Job without Asking for a Raise ...

By Corina

Since asking for a raise can be somewhat stressful and even awkward, here are 7 simple ways to earn more at your job without asking for a raise. These methods will even get your employer an additional tax incentive, so just like in any negotiation, a win-win scenario can be one of the best ways to approach that conversation. Even though sometimes the best way to get a raise is to simply ask for one, there are times when, for whatever reason, you won’t get a traditional raise. So if you often experience the feeling of being stuck at a certain level of compensation, here are 7 ways to earn more at your job without asking for a raise that you should consider:

1 Education

If you are looking for ways to earn more at your job, you should know that education is actually a great commodity since a higher education equals more money. If you decide to ask your employer to pay for your education, you should consider the fact that this will not only increase your net worth but there must be some benefit in this for them too. Here are some of the companies that are known for paying for education: Apple, Oracle, Starbucks, Bank of America, Mckesson and Wells Fargo.

2 Food

There are a lot of companies that will be more than willing to offer their employees free lunches and dinners as a perk. However, if you are working for Google, you don’t need to worry about lunch money, you simply go down to their free cafeteria for lunch or dinner.


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3 Travel

If your employer is willing to send you on a trip for a job-related activity or even for a conference, you can turn this opportunity into one of your best vacations that year. You can extend your stay over the weekend and all you’ll have to pay are any additional hotel costs since the company you work for will pay your airplane ticket.

4 Gym Membership

Yes, there are even companies that are willing to offer their employees gym memberships to motivate them and to help them feel more relaxed and more energized so they will do their jobs better. A lot of companies are emphasizing the benefits of preventative healthcare so work this to your advantage and try to convince your boss to cover your gym membership.

5 Telecommuting/ Work from Home

Just talk to your bosses and see if you can work from home since doing so possesses significant benefits. First, you’ll be able to eliminate the costs for the morning and afternoon commute to and from work, so you will not only save on gas but also on the wear and tear of your car.

6 Service Sabbatical

Two companies that are well-known for offering this opportunity to their employees are Timberland and Deloitte. Even though it sounds crazy, there are companies that are willing to pay you to help and serve others because they will not only make their employees feel better, but they will also help make the world a better place.

7 Flexible Spending Account

If you travel a lot, you should know that a lot of companies will cover your per diem (which means “per day” in Latin), which is the amount of money allocated for expenses or expenses covered. These amounts usually vary depending on the costs of living in the area that you are visiting. If you are a bit more frugal, you won’t be spending all that money on food or other things, therefore you will get to enjoy the additional cash.

If you want to get a raise but you are too afraid to ask for one, be sure to discuss some of the perks listed above with your supervisor in your next annual review or during a quick conversation. Do you know any other ways to earn more without asking for a raise? Please tell us about them in the comments section!


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