17 Interview Infographics to Help You Land Your Dream Job ...

By Holly

17 Interview Infographics  to Help You Land  Your Dream Job  ...

Dreams can become a reality, as long as you put in enough effort. Before you can land the job you've always wanted, you need to attend an interview. Some of us aren't all that skilled in social situations, which is why it can never hurt to get advice. With that in mind, here are a few infographics to help you land your dream job:

Table of contents:

  1. interview preparation
  2. interview blunders
  3. nonverbal mistakes
  4. interview etiquette
  5. crucial tips
  6. top tips
  7. common interview questions
  8. what common questions mean
  9. what to wear
  10. interview tips
  11. lies told by jobseekers
  12. questions you should ask
  13. how to succeed in any situation
  14. steps to landing a job
  15. how to get a great job
  16. how to keep calm
  17. summary

1 Interview Preparation

Interview Preparation You already know that you should be dressed to impress, but did you know you should do research about the company beforehand? The more you know about them, the more impressive you'll look.

2 Interview Blunders

Interview Blunders Don't make these common mistakes during your interview. If you talk badly about your old boss or walk into the room with gum in your mouth, you'll look too unprofessional to hire.

3 Nonverbal Mistakes

Nonverbal Mistakes You can make plenty of mistakes at a job interview that don't involve speaking. Don't forget to make eye contact or to smile, because employers care about that sort of thing.

4 Interview Etiquette

Interview Etiquette Make sure you show up to your interview on time with your cell phone on silent. You should also make sure you give a firm handshake and keep your back straight.

5 Crucial Tips

Crucial Tips It's important that you're dressed the right way, use the right words, and use the right quality of voice. Don't forget about the small things!

6 Top Tips

Top Tips When you're asked about yourself, give them a one-minute summary of the jobs you've had. Make sure you have good posture the entire time!

7 Common Interview Questions

Common Interview Questions Have you ever wondered why employers ask seemingly random questions? Well, they're not random at all.

8 What Common Questions Mean

What Common Questions Mean This infographic is funny, but it's actually pretty accurate, as well.

9 What to Wear

What to Wear Never show up to an interview in stilettos or large, statement necklaces. You don't want to wear V-neck shirts that show off your cleavage or mini skirts that show off too much skin, either.

10 Interview Tips

Interview Tips Even though you want to make a lot of money, try not to talk about the pay. Steer clear of cliches, as well.

11 Lies Told by Jobseekers

Lies Told by Jobseekers You shouldn't lie during an interview, even though it's common for others to do. You're going to be found out eventually.

12 Questions You Should Ask

Questions You Should Ask When your interviewer asks if you have any questions for them, make sure you ask something. This chart has a few sample questions for you.

13 How to Succeed in Any Situation

How to Succeed in Any Situation Your interview might not be what you expect. You might be interviewed by someone bored, intimidating, or uninformed. You'll just have to wing it.

14 Steps to Landing a Job

Steps to Landing a Job Don't forget about the importance of LinkedIn. It can really help you learn more about a company and search for connections.

15 How to Get a Great Job

How to Get a Great Job Don't stick to browsing through job search websites. Why? Because 99 percent of jobs aren't actually advertised. You need to find them yourself.

16 How to Keep Calm

How to Keep Calm If you freak out in social situations, it's okay. This chart can help.

17 Summary

Summary Here's a summary of everything you've just learned!

If you follow the advice in these infographics, you shouldn't have a hard time acing any interview. They'll be dying to hire you! What's your dream job?

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