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You Need to Stop These Behaviors to Be a Better Employee ...

By Neecey

Bad work habits can hold you back in your career. Something that you perceive as being ineffectual may actually cost you a promotion. Undermining your work life can also make your job less enjoyable and therefore impinge on your happiness. I'm guessing that none of those fit your goals so it's time to stop doing these things at work.

Table of contents:

  1. Last in
  2. Hangover
  3. Desk camping
  4. Staying though you hate it
  5. Guilt working
  6. Silent meetings
  7. Lunch expenses
  8. Avoiding hr
  9. Social media
  10. Sick days
  11. Boss fear
  12. Complaints
  13. Introvert
  14. Gossiping
  15. Procrastination
  16. Do you have a second?
  17. Skipping socials
  18. Instant messenger
  19. Over-sharing
  20. Clique
  21. Mess
  22. Headphones
  23. Desk lunch

1 Last in

Make sure that you are not always the last person in to the office in the morning. It will annoy your co-workers who think they are putting more effort in than you.

2 Hangover

Under no circumstances should you turn up to work worse for wear after having one too many drinks last night. It’s completely unprofessional and will really rile your colleagues.

3 Desk Camping

Don’t just sit at your desk all day and shy away from taking on any extra responsibilities that might arise in the office. Always try to do that bit extra.

4 Staying Though You Hate It

There is no point staying in a job that you hate. It does no good for you and your colleagues will not enjoy the negative energy that your reluctance will create.

5 Guilt Working

Don’t stay late and work extra hours just because you feel guilty about your lack of effort during the day. If you need to work late, do it because you want to make a difference.

6 Silent Meetings

If you have to attend office meetings, don’t just sit in the corner and stay silent. Be confident and speak up about any ideas you might have to do with your work and your work environment.

7 Lunch Expenses

If you are lucky enough to be able to order lunch on a work tab, don’t take advantage and go for the most expensive options every day.

8 Avoiding HR

Don’t go out of your way to avoid HR. They are going to want to know a little bit about you, and being evasive will give a wrong first impression.

9 Social Media

Don’t waste half of your day on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other social media platform. Save that for your free time.

10 Sick Days

Be a little bit more resilient with your health and don’t take sick days just because you wake up with a slight headache; it raises questions about your commitment.

11 Boss Fear

Try not to treat your job like your school days. Don’t be afraid of your boss. See them as a peer who you can go to if you have any concerns.

12 Complaints

A bad attitude breeds a bad environment, so even if you have problems, keep your lunch break complaining to a minimum and instead channel your queries through official means.

13 Introvert

Don’t be one of those people that gets to work and has their head at their desk all day. Make a little effort to do some office socializing to keep a happy team together.

14 Gossiping

Fun conversation between colleagues is perfectly fine, but don’t cross the line in to co-worker gossip that could hurt feelings.

15 Procrastination

Don’t get caught up what is called ‘junk productivity’, where you spend all day completing a single task that means very little in the bigger picture.

16 Do You Have a Second?

This is a rather annoying thing to have to hear from a colleague, as nothing in the world only takes a second!

17 Skipping Socials

Don’t be one of those people who always skips out on office happy hour. Socializing with your peers is important for work moral.

18 Instant Messenger

You don’t need to be in constant contact with your friends throughout the day. Try to be more present in the work environment.

19 Over-Sharing

Though it is good to be friendly with colleagues, be aware that there is a time and a place for revealing personal information about yourself.

20 Clique

Come on, this isn’t high school. You need to be equally friendly with all of your co-workers. Don’t create any Mean Girls type cliques!

21 Mess

You are an adult so it’s about time you learnt to keep your desk and cubicle nice and tidy and professional!

22 Headphones

Don’t be one of those people who wears headphones 24/7. It’s completely unsociable and annoying to your colleagues.

23 Desk Lunch

Get a change of scenery and join your colleagues in the cafeteria for lunch. Don’t be a loner and eat at your desk!

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