7 Great Tips on How to Stop Being a Workaholic ...

By Corina

7 Great Tips on How to Stop Being a Workaholic ...

Because being a workaholic is not considered a good thing and because a lot of people have the tendency to sacrifice too much for their jobs, I wanted to share with you a few very useful tips on how to stop being a workaholic. I could really say that it’s quite dangerous to be a workaholic nowadays. Although you might think that all that work is necessary in order to improve your professional career, you could really be endangering a lot of others aspects of your life, like your health, your marriage or your relationship, and especially your happiness. I believe that if you do realize that your work consumes you too much, it’s extremely important to know how to stop being a workaholic. So, read on and find out what can you do to live a more enjoyable, meaningful life.

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1 Set Boundaries

One of the most important tips I could give you on how to stop being a workaholic is to advise you to set some clear boundaries in your life. Make sure that you work only during working hours and you don’t stay too late at the office. If you work from home, be sure to have a schedule that you’ll follow every day. You could divert from this schedule if you have some very important things to take care of, but don’t turn this into a habit ‘cos it should only be an exception.

2 Get Enough Sleep

If you want to be productive at work, stop thinking that staying up late could be the solution to all your problems. Instead, try having enough sleep. It’s really important to get at least 7 hours of sleep every night. You’ll wake up more refreshed and you’ll be more creative, thus more productive. Try to work smarter, not harder!

3 Make Time for Your Friends

One of the most important things you can do to stop being a workaholic and one thing that most people tend to neglect nowadays, is to make a little time for your friends at least each week, if you’re not able to do that every day. Make sure you’re always surrounded by fun, energetic people and this way, your work won’t seem such a burden sometimes, and maybe you’ll be actually happy to get back to work in such a pleasant work atmosphere.

4 Find a Hobby

If you wanna loosen up after those long hours at work, try finding a new hobby that’s not work related and that will help you feel recharged and brand new. You could pick any hobby you want, there’s plenty to choose from! You could even find a hobby that could involve your friends and family, ‘cause it will surely be more fun.

5 Think about Your Health

It is really unhealthy to work too much, but a lot of people, especially those very motivated and eager to be promoted more quickly, tend not to pay attention to this important aspect. Too much work could really affect your entire body both physically and mentally. Pay attention to what you’re eating and try to exercise as much as possible!

6 Spend Some Time in Nature

By spending some time outside (no matter how little it would be) at least every week if you can’t do it every day, you could significantly reduce your stress levels and you could disconnect from your every day worries. You could take a half hour walk every day and pay attention to all the beautiful things that surround you, or you could go on picnics or sightseeing during your weekend.

7 Disconnect from the Internet

I’m sure that most of you could do your work without an Internet connection. So, unplug your Internet, focus on your work and you won’t be distracted by all the benefits offered by an Internet connection, like checking your e-mail or checking your different accounts on the numerous social networks that exist nowadays. This way, you’ll get your work done more quickly and you’ll have enough time for the other pleasant things in your life.

You should always remember that long hours don’t necessarily make you a great worker and the quality of your work doesn’t depend on how much time you spend on a specific task. Try to take more breaks if you feel tired and focus on the things that make you happy! Do you consider yourself to be a workaholic? What advice can you give to someone who is a workaholic? Please share your tips with us!

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