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Applying and looking for a job isn’t easy, but there are some ways to increase your chances of getting that job. There are also some things you may be doing that actually decrease your chances of getting a job. If you’re having trouble or have had trouble finding work, continue reading for some ways to increase your chances of getting that job!

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Come Prepared

The first of the ways to increase your chances of getting that job is to be prepared! This means that when you first show up at a place you would like to apply to, bring a resume. Have your resume with you so that you look prepared and impress the owner or manager. You want to show that you are a hard worker, and by coming to a place prepared, it looks exactly like that. This also means you should come prepared to the interview if there is one. Bring what you were told to bring and other things that may help you impress them.


Follow up

The next tip to increase your chances of getting a job is to follow up. A week or two after you had handed in your application, give the owner or manager a call or e-mail for a follow up. State that you have handed in an application a week ago and would like to follow up. If they were interested and were too busy to give you a call, you not only reminded them, but impressed them by doing so. If they are currently fully staffed, don’t worry as you’ll stand out with an impressive resume and work ethic!


Don’t Slack

You always want to impress the owner or manager of the company you are working for. It is never bad to impress the person in charge of your pay and job. They will acknowledge your work ethic whether they praise you or not, and it will be worth it. This means you should come to work with the proper attire, complete all the tasks you need to complete, and mostly, do not complain when you are faced with extra work or even someone else’s. This can lead to a promotion or raise!


Act or Dress Appropriately

As stated before, your goal is to impress the owner or manager of the place. When you hand in your resume, you want to look the part. If you are applying for a clothes store, dress appropriately to the clothes that are sold. If you are applying to a jewelry store, make sure to focus on your accessories. Also, if you are applying for at a bank, don’t dress in sweats and sunglasses, let’s say. You get the point!


Be Professional

Next, you want to be professional. Make sure to re-read every word in your resume for grammar errors or spelling mistakes. You want your resume to be perfect. It should include your work history, accomplishments, and basically anything that can and will impress and express the type of person you are. Make sure to speak to the person maturely and professionally, as well!



Ah, ha! The Resume. Your resume will play the most important role in applying for a job. Reason being, businesses will constantly refer back to your resume when considering you for the job. This may happen the second you walk out of the door (less likely), or months after you had applied (most likely.) So, you want your resume to include everything they should know. This includes work history, hobbies, traits, and other things of the sort.



Lastly, you want to practice what you will say. This includes everything from the second you walk in the door to apply all the way to the interview. Plan how you will greet them and ask if they’re hiring. Also prepare to answer questions during an interview and think about what you want to ask them, as well.

I hope these tips on ways to increase your chances of getting that job helps you guys! Don’t lose motivation and keep applying for jobs. Work ethic and determination is everything!

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Hobbies on a resume?

I tried everything possible and it didn't work to get a job, while everything tells that I'm qualified for it. But what can I do it's always a one vacancy verses 100 applicant

Definitely a big help!

This will definitely help me. Thanks. Very helpful

It's a good idea to practice what you want to say before you apply, I went ti turn in an application once and was interviewed on the spot.

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