How to Ace a Video Interview ...

By Holly

It's the twenty-first century, which means that interviews won't always be held inside of a building. Sometimes, you'll have to talk from inside of your own bedroom. If you're stuck in a video interview, make sure you follow those tips from

1 Dress Your Best
Even though you're talking from the privacy of your own room, that doesn't give you permission to keep your pajamas on. You should be wearing the same type of clothing that you'd wear to an actual, in-person interview. Otherwise, you'll look like a slob.

2 Make Sure Your WiFi is Working

Make Sure Your WiFi is Working If you've never used Skype before, then you should try calling a friend on it to see if your audio and video are working properly. Even though your interviewer will know it's not your fault if your computer malfunctions, you'll look better if there aren't any glitches.

3 Don't Interrupt
There might be a delay, but that isn't an excuse to talk over your interviewer. If you think that they're speaking, then wait your turn. You don't want to look rude or impatient.

4 Use Your Computer

Use Your Computer Don't use your phone to talk to your interviewer. It's too hard to prop it up, and the connection won't be as great. That's why you should make sure to use your computer.

5 Check the Background

Check the Background If the room behind you looks like a total mess, you won't come across well. You need to clean up, so that it looks like you actually prepared ahead of time. You should also make sure that there aren't any embarrassing objects around, like sex toys or childish posters.

What other tips do you have for video interviews?

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