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Anyone Looking for a Job Will Laugh at These 7 Tweets ...

By Holly

It's hard work finding a job. It won't just get handed to you. If you've been looking for work, you'll appreciate these Tweets put together by Imgur:

1 Memory

MemoryIt's okay. Everyone lies a little during interviews.

2 Hobbies

HobbiesWhy are interviewers so concerned with our personal lives, anyway? It's not like they'll be friends with us outside of work.


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3 Plans

PlansThe only plan we have at the moment is trying to find a job that'll actually accept us.

4 Interviews

InterviewsSome of us like to imagine our interviews before they actually happen. It can't hurt to be prepared.

5 Questions

QuestionsI mean, you're always told that you should ask your interviewer a question towards the end of the interview.

6 Biggest Weakness

Biggest WeaknessTo be fair, this is the hardest question to answer.

7 Listening

ListeningListening pays off, especially during an interview.

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