17 Questions to Ask Yourself when Trying to Find Your Dream Job ...


You shouldn't feel bad if you don't know exactly what you want to do with the rest of your life. It's a huge decision to make. That's why you should really think it through. If you need some help, here are a few different questions that'll help you discover your dream job:

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What Are Your Hobbies?

person, screenshot, speech, singer, Believe it or not, you can turn a hobby into a lifelong career. So if you love to paint or write or create websites, research the activity to find what kind of jobs out there involve them.


Do You like Working with Others?

face, person, conversation, sense, emotion, If you prefer to work alone, then try to find a job that would allow you to have your own personal space. Otherwise, look for jobs that'll give you a chance to talk to plenty of new people.


Do You Want to Work from Home?

person, glasses, vision care, If you want to work in your pajamas, find a job that allows you to work from home. Or, if you'd prefer to travel, find a job that allows you to fly around the world.


How Much Money do You Need to Live Comfortably?

How Much Money do You Need to Live Comfortably? If your dream is to live in a mansion and own a dozen cars, you need to find a job that's high-paying. Otherwise, you have more options.


What do You Have Experience Doing?

person, glasses, professional, socialite, profession, Your resume is important. It'll be easier for you to get a job that involves skills that you've already mastered at past jobs.


Are You a Night Owl or an Early Bird?

If you're more active at night, then you probably don't want to teach preschool kids. However, you could always teach night classes.


What Job Did You Want when You Were Little?

person, professional, screenshot, profession, driving, Even though you might've had some wild dreams when you were a child, they could help you decide what field to go into. For instance, if you always wanted to be a singer, you could think about going into the music business somehow.


Where do You Want to Live?

person, selfie, interaction, If you want to live in a small town, you can't work on Wall Street. If you want to live in a city, you can't work on a farm.


What’s the Last Thing You Want to do?

hair, person, blond, beauty, brown hair, If your worst nightmare is doing customer service, you shouldn't try to get a job at a supermarket or movie theater. There, you'd be dealing with plenty of people.


Do You Want to Be Your Own Boss?

hair, face, person, nose, hairstyle, If you do, then you can start your own business. Otherwise, you can apply to a business that's already booming.


What’s Your Passion in Life?

person, child, You should follow your passion. It doesn't matter what it is. You need to go after it.


What Professions do You Admire?

screenshot, If you admire firefighters, you might want to become one. Why not?


What do Your Parents do?

What do Your Parents do? You don't have to follow in your parents' footsteps. Of course, if they're doctors, then it'll be easier for you to become a doctor, because they can teach you all that they know.


What Jobs Have You Loved in the past?

What Jobs Have You Loved in the past? If you've already had a job that you've loved, then you should try to get a similar job in the future.


What Jobs Have You Hated in the past?

What Jobs Have You Hated in the past? If you hated stocking shelves, make sure you do something completely different in the future.


Are You Willing to Work for Free at First?

Are You Willing to Work for Free at First? If you can handle working for free, you should try a few different internships and see which ones you enjoy the most.


What Would Make You Happy to Wake up in the Morning?

What Would Make You Happy to Wake up in the Morning? You don't want to end up at a job that you hate. You need to figure out what would make you the happiest. You're not really living if you're stuck at a job you can't stand.

Hopefully these questions will help you figure out what to do with your life. Do you know what your dream job is?

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Duh ?Who doesn't know all this and ask themselves these quest all th time ! ?Really. A waste of time posting and reading

Yes neecey but wouldn't it b more productive to learn something new

Yes, pilot

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