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7 Things to Think about before You Quit Your Job ...

By Heather

If you’re having a hard time at work and are considering leaving, take some time to consider these things to think about before you quit your job. I know what it is like to have jobs that make you feel unfulfilled and unhappy. What I can tell you is that now, I have a job I love and can’t imagine living without, but before I ever left any job, I considered all seven things below first. Get out a pen and paper, and write down answers to these important thought-provoking questions. These are some great things to think about before you quit your job! Just writing these out will not only help you make a decision, but also give you a peace of mind from answering these questions.

Table of contents:

  1. Do you have a new job lined up?
  2. Are you stressed?
  3. Do you like what you do?
  4. Is medical insurance an issue?
  5. Do you have anything in savings?
  6. Can you make your bills?
  7. Are you on the lookout for a job that will make you happy?

1 Do You Have a New Job Lined up?

One of the most obvious things to think about before you quit your job is if you have a new job lined up! Don’t quit your job in the haste of a situation or stressful time at work, and just fly by the seat of your pants unless you’ve at least got some kind of substantial idea lined up. There is a difference between taking a leap of faith towards a more promising career idea, and not having an idea at all. Be sure you know the difference.

2 Are You Stressed?

Sometimes when we are stressed out in life, it may be our jobs that are the reason, or perhaps, we think that changing our job will fix things. Before you quit your job, determine if it is the actual job that you’re constantly stressed over, or if you’re just dealing with more stress your life inoverall. If it is the latter, decrease your stress by being sure you exercise each day, preferably in the morning so you have energy all day, and also try stress-reducing activities like yoga, going out with friends, and having more quiet time. You should also be sure to eat a balanced diet to prevent chronic stress and get enough sleep. This will help you see that sometimes, fixing our jobs isn’t the issue. If the stress you're feeling is coming from your job, start considering alternative options so you can be happy in your career instead of allowing it to create a more stressful life for you. No paycheck is worth hating your job for. You shouldn’t suffer chronic stress just to keep a paycheck about something you’re not passionate about either, or that steals your happiness.

3 Do You like What You do?

Is the job you’re considering leaving something you love? Are you quitting because things might be tough, or because you don’t make enough money? If so, stop before you quit. If you love what you do, passion will drive you to push through hard times and persevere. Passion will also fuel you to make more money over time because you'll be more motivated to make things work financially. If you can’t make financially off your current income, based on a job you love, see about getting a second job. If that isn't possible, consider seeking financial options to reduce your bills so you don't have to quit a field you love. If you don’t love what you do, and it’s just not your thing, don’t feel guilty about quitting. All of us weren’t meant to do the same thing and whatever you do love is out there waiting on you to find it!

4 Is Medical Insurance an Issue?

Before you quit your job, consider your health insurance options. If you have medical needs, and currently have insurance, will quitting cause these to lapse or will the new company you work for have health insurance? Maybe your health is great and you don’t think you really need health insurance. If this is the case, you could consider buying your own with your new job’s pay, or simply paying in the case something happened to occur on a per circumstance basis.

5 Do You Have Anything in Savings?

If quitting your job means you’ll be without pay for a couple weeks, consider if you have anything in savings to get you by. If you have enough for one month’s worth of bills and have a new job lined up, you’ll more than likely be okay. However, if you don’t have enough money in savings to get you by from one job to the next, start looking for a new job and find one before you quit your old one.

6 Can You Make Your Bills?

Perhaps you’re considering leaving your job for a new job, or no job at all, and you’re hoping to find one. Either way, be sure you can make your bills and have a little money to live with your new job, or while you search for a new one. This seems obvious, but you wouldn’t believe the people I’ve seen quit a job in the heat of an argument and have no way to meet their bills. Think before you act, especially in this case ladies!

7 Are You on the Lookout for a Job That Will Make You Happy?

If you’re quitting your job, are you on the lookout for a job that will make you happy, or do you already have one? Quitting your job for a better job is never a bad idea, so long as you’ve got your bases covered and are doing it for the right reasons. Look for a new job that sparks your interest, is one you’re willing to dedicate your time and energy into, and one where you can benefit other people, which will also benefit you as well.

I know from leaving a job I hated that it can be a little scary, but finding a new job you love is so rewarding in ways I can’t even describe! Before you leave any job, it never hurts to think about all 7 of these things, along with location issues, which are obviously important. Have you ever left a job without a new one, or for a better one? What did you learn?

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