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7 Tips for Getting Your Dream Internship ...

By Teresa

Getting your dream internship is not an easy feat, especially in today’s world. That being said, there are definitely some tips and tricks you can include in your own search for your dream internship that will greatly help your chances. Whether you just need help networking, or don’t know where to start looking, this list will help you land your dream internship!

Table of contents:

  1. Have options
  2. Follow up
  3. Utilize social media
  4. Use your resources
  5. Know the company
  6. Be professional
  7. Proofread

1 Have Options

You know that saying “Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket?” Well, it definitely applies to getting your dream internship. Sure, you may have one place that you would absolutely love to work for, but don’t stop looking once you find that place. Keep looking for internships you love equally as much. Sure, you may have to make a tough decision if you get hired by more than one of the companies, but there are so many people applying for these internships that the chances you are hired by every single place you applied is pretty slim!

2 Follow up

I have never once been hired by a company that I didn’t take the time to follow up with. If you really want an internship, be aggressive. Don’t sit idly by, because there are other people out there being aggressive. Contact the company a few weeks after applying to get your name in their minds again, as well as to show how much you care about the job. It may just be the reason you get the job!

3 Utilize Social Media

There’s a pretty good chance that you have Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, but there’s also a pretty good chance that you’re not using them as well as you should. Most importantly, delete anything you’d be embarrassed by if your employer found them. Then, use social media to network. Tweet about your field. You may find people and resources in the same field that can help you find an internship! Join LinkedIn as well, if you’re really serious about networking in your field.

4 Use Your Resources

College campuses today offer so many amazing resources to help you land your dream internship. First, join any clubs or organizations that relate to your field. Not only will you make friends with similar interests, but you’ll also make so many connections that the perfect internship may just fall in your lap! You may also find that your college offers career services to help you locate the perfect internship.

5 Know the Company

Don’t apply for an internship if you’re not familiar with the company. If you really want the internship but aren’t familiar with the company, apply, and then spend a few days researching it. It’s simple, but it shows you care. Showing up to an interview when you’re not even sure what the company does is not exactly the most professional way to go about finding an internship.

6 Be Professional

Invest in professional attire, or at the very least, invest in clothes that fit the aesthetic of the company you’re applying to. However, it’s important to be professional in all aspects of your life. Remove the inappropriate pictures from social media, look your best for your interview, and come prepared with the perfect résumé. The better you play the part, the more likely you’ll get the internship!

7 Proofread

It is so pivotal to proofread your résumé. I’ve been cultivating the perfect résumé for over a year now, and sometimes I still find typos! Typos look unprofessional no matter what your field is, but if you’re in a creative field, proofreading is even more essential.

Have you landed your dream internship? What did you do to get it? Leave some tips in the comments!

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