7 Ways to Be One of the Best Job Applicants ...

By Corina

7 Ways to Be One of the Best Job Applicants ...

If you are looking for a job, I must tell you that there are a lot of ways to be one of the best job applicants; basically, to stand out from the crowd. Applying for jobs can be quite a nerve-racking experience but you can learn how to present yourself in the best possible way so you’ll get that interview that you want so much. Just show your potential employer that you are the best possible candidate for that job, that you genuinely want it and that you are willing to make any sacrifices and work very hard in order to reach your objective. Make sure that you are well-prepared before the interview and try to look great both in person and on paper. Here are 7 ways to be one of the best job applicants that you should consider:

Table of contents:

  1. focus on the employer's needs
  2. be brief but informative
  3. be flexible
  4. get more referrals
  5. prove you’re a contender
  6. be honest
  7. clean up your profiles

1 Focus on the Employer's Needs

If you are trying to learn new ways to be one of the best job applicants, then the best thing you can do is to try to focus on the employer's needs and not yours. Just show interest in the company and the job (not the benefits and salary you will get), show them that you are interested in helping the company succeed and most importantly, show enthusiasm and optimism.

2 Be Brief but Informative

If you talk to your potential employer, try to be brief but informative at the same time. Just answer questions succinctly and thoroughly, explain your answer if necessary and then, simply move on. Just stick to the details that are relevant for that job that could help you achieve your goal.

3 Be Flexible

Try to be a flexible candidate because the last thing an employer wants is a job candidate with a long list of demands. If you really want that job, just show them by being willing to make a few small sacrifices to achieve this goal, like being willing to show up early or to work late.

4 Get More Referrals

In order to get that job interview that you want so much, make sure that you get more referrals. Try to remember that getting a referral from someone in that company is the best way to get an interview. Network to get referrals, because a lot of studies have shown that this could represent 50% or even more of your job hunting efforts.

5 Prove You’re a Contender

Just prove to your potential employer that you are a contender if you are trying to get that job. For example, you could include a short statement in your application describing some major accomplishment that reveals that you are qualified for that position. You could include a link to a video or to a website that will validate your abilities in that area. You could also include a sample of your work, a demo you prepared or even a credible public recommendation that you’ve received.

6 Be Honest

Be honest about your strengths and weaknesses because most managers would rather hire someone who is being honest about their shortcomings and who is trying to improve themselves than someone who lies by telling that they are “too much of a perfectionist” or that “they care too much.”

7 Clean up Your Profiles

Try to clean up your profiles on social media before applying for a job. Most managers will look you up and you should use those networking sites to increase your chances of getting that job. Post relevant articles to that position, show interest for what you are doing and get rid of those photos with you in your bathing suit that you took on your last vacation.

In order to get selected for an interview, you should also try to be sincere and creative, so customize your application to each job you are applying to. Do you know any other ways to be one of the best job applicants? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section!

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