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Submitting an online job application can be frustrating, especially if you send out multiple resumes every day and you hear nothing back. Well, you should know that most recruiters nowadays use what is called an applicant tracking system. ATS is basically a multifunctional, web-based program for collecting applications, screening candidates and assisting hiring managers in the selection process. This system actually helps recruiters do their job more efficiently by electronically filling all the resumes they receive. If you’re applying online for a job, most likely, your resume will be sitting in multiple tracking systems. Here are 7 very helpful tips for submitting an online job application that you should consider:

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Tailor Your Resume to Each Job Posting

One of the most important tips for submitting an online job application I could give you is to tell you to make sure that you tailor your resume to each job posting. Just spend some extra time to ensure that every resume you send is perfect for the position that you apply to. If you want to stand out in the ATS, then make sure you match keywords in your resume to keywords in the job posting.


Spell Check

Once you’ve finished proofreading your resume, make sure that you do it again, because while people might understand what you were trying to say, despite your typos, machines have absolutely no idea and they might immediately send your resume to trash. Just check for errors multiple times or you could even ask one of your friends or family members to take a look.


Include the Expected Sections

In order to compare applicants, an ATS will locate different sections like Contact Information, Work Experience, Education and even Summary. Even though you can include other relevant sections like Certifications or Professional Memberships, make sure that you include those important sections first, so that the ATS will recognize your resume.


Create an Original Cover Letter

Be creative and compose an original cover letter, so that you’ll be able to impress your potential employer. Make sure that you tailor your cover letter to meet the requirements of the job you apply for and that you write it specific to your accomplishments and skills. You can even go one step further and mention how you could use your knowledge and skills in the position you're applying for..


Maintain One Candidate Profile per Company

Even though most recruiters would recommend you to tailor your resume and your cover letter for each job submission, you should maintain one master profile for all of your applications for the same company, especially if they use an ATS because apparently, “Multiple profiles in one company’s system can cause confusion,”.


Fill out All Fields within the Application Process

When you apply for a job online, make sure that you fill out all fields within the application because this way, you are not only giving information that could help you stand out from the crowd but you will also demonstrate interest and desire for the job. You should know that a lot of recruiters just skip over job candidates who don’t fully complete their applications.


Clean up Your Public Social Media Profile

Most recruiters nowadays search for their candidates’ social media profiles before they decide to invite them for an interview. Make sure that you don’t have photos or information that could distract or deter recruiters from hiring you. If you use it properly, social media can actually help you connect with potential employers.

If you want your online job application to be noticed by the hiring manager, then make sure you follow these tips and you’ll enhance your chances of getting that job. Do you know any other tips for submitting an online job application? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section!


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