7 of the Best Jobs for the Socially Awkward ...


7 of the Best Jobs for the Socially Awkward ...
7 of the Best Jobs for the Socially Awkward ...

Whether you’re an introvert or you simply don’t like crowds or dealing with people face to face, seeking the best jobs for the socially awkward might spare you a lot of the difficulties that come with most workplaces. I'm a pretty sociable person when in the right environment and surrounded by the right people. But, when it comes to talking to strangers or people I want to impress, I most often slide down the evolutionary scale and turn into a babbling chimp so fast that my friends remain puzzled (and terribly amused). This is why the mere idea of entering the workforce used to scare the hell out of me. If this sounds painfully familiar, check out some of the best jobs for the socially awkward you might enjoy.

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Social Media Manager

Yes, yes, I know it has the word “social” in it, but don't run away screaming yet – stay with me for a sec. Such a career is widely considered as one of the best jobs for the socially awkward, as it only requires online socialization and no face to face contact with other people. You will have enough time to think about what you want to say to your audience and no one will ever see you blushing or your hands shaking when answering to a difficult question. Heaven!



You may have trouble expressing your thoughts when having to talk to someone face to face, but how about the written word? Did you know that many famous writers were introverts? Try your skills and you might be surprised. You can either choose to write your own fictional pieces or blogs, or you can start a career as a copywriter or freelance writer.



One of the coolest and overall best jobs for the socially awkward is being an astronomer. Although you will need to be an expert in physics, advanced math and a host of other subjects most people consider a nightmare in school, becoming an astronomer can help you get rid of awkward social encounters while earning you up to an average of $96,000 a year. Imagine getting paid to stare at the sky!


The World of IT

Information technology is a booming multi-billion dollar industry these days and, whether your preference is game programming, web development or building fun mobile apps, you can certainly start a great career in IT. As an introvert, this can be a great job for you, since you just have to rely on your wits and use your creative abilities to build some catchy applications.


Animal Handlers

The high demand for animal handlers combined with the sheer pleasure and peaceful nature of the work itself makes this one of the easiest and overall best jobs for the socially awkward you can find. Who needs a stressful job full of human interaction, when, as an animal handler, all you have to do is take care of your favorite furry friends - and earn a living in the process?


Long Haul Truck Driver

This surely isn't for everyone and may not seem fit for a girl. However, if you’re looking to escape a boring life in front of a computer and you have good driving skills and no obligations to keep you close to home at all times, becoming a long haul truck driver can be incredibly fulfilling. Imagine popping in your favorite tunes, stacking up on delicious snacks, and driving your truck for hours through beautiful scenery with no one to bother you! This was one of my dream jobs when I was little.


Graphic Designer

The ultimate creative job for the socially awkward is that of graphic designer. If you are talented at drawing, modifying pictures or creating cool effects using computer graphics software, spend some time alone polishing your skills, and you can land a job earning big money as a regular or 3D graphic designer, being recognized for your talents without the need for too much verbal communication.

These were only a few of the (actually quite many) jobs that can fit us, introverts and shy people. Do you have any other ideas you'd like to share with the Fellowship of the Socially Awkward?

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"May not seem fit for a girl"? Hello, just because it involves trucks doesn't mean a girl can't do it

I'm an artist and yes absolutely anything within an arts field fits this, except maybe the person selling work from the gallery.

Hi Teanna ! One of my nieces drives an 8 wheeler truck and she is only in her twenties. Family business and she loves it!

Its a shame the world sees it this way.

I work with horses and it's definitely hard work! And a sociable environment! So it's not really just playing around with furry friends and getting paid for it!

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