7 Best Things to Buy on Black Friday to Make It Worth It ...


7 Best Things to Buy on Black Friday to Make It Worth It ...
7 Best Things to Buy on Black Friday to Make It Worth It ...

With Thanksgiving approaching, we can be looking forward to the best things to buy on Black Friday. It is a part of our tradition after all! We spend Thanksgiving stuffing ourselves with food, watching television, and waiting for the Black Friday deals to start. Some may ask, why bother fighting through the crowds when you could be lying in your cozy bed? Personally, I just love the experience and the crazy good deals don’t hurt either! So if you have been planning to make a purchase, here are 7 best things to buy on Black Friday.

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As a matter of fact, a television is one of the best things to buy on Black Friday because it is more likely to be sold at the lowest price of the year during this day. One of the reasons why TVs are such a steal is due to the fact that January is rolling around and that is when new products are introduced to the market and the old models become discontinued. With prices going down and Black Friday deals on top, it really is tempting!



Children may not realize it but Black Fridays are made for their toy shopping. Not only do stores like Toys R Us open early on but they also offer some of the best deals of the year. In addition Amazon, Kohl’s and Target provide toy coupons worth $100 and crazy door buster deals. So if you are already planning on purchasing holiday gifts from Santa, this might be a great time to start.


DVDs and Video Games

If you are a big movie junkie like me, you will take advantage of this national sale day and hit the stores! Retailers often mark down video games and DVDs to as low as $3 or $5 dollars. So if you have been waiting for the perfect time to purchase boxed sets or complete seasons of television shows, don’t miss out on this opportunity!



Shopping can be rewarding and yet shameful at the same time, but Black Friday takes the shame away because we can actually save money on things we have to purchase down the road anyway. For example with the wintertime approaching, we are forced to get coats and sweaters and conveniently there are crazy deals on winter wear. Believe it or not but Macy’s has already promised 50% off winter coats and cashmere sweaters!



Although some of the best prices are on the older models of laptops, they are still in a great condition! So if you are in a need for a good laptop that might not be the most desired on the market, it can be yours at a very low price. For example some expect the entry-level laptops to be on sale for less than 150 dollars.



Black Friday is one of the best times to stock up on new cookware, especially from retailers such as Amazon, Wal-Mart and Target. Many useful appliances including the ones that are not that frequently used, are offered at great prices. Even if you don’t intend on purchasing them for yourself, these deals can work for a great holiday gift!



Sometimes tablets are really not worth the price; after all they barely function as a laptop or a phone. However it is a lot easier to sway towards purchasing them as a gift for someone who wants it when they come at very low prices. Black Friday deals offer them at half the price of what they usually cost. Even the Apple store itself usually has a five percent discount, which is we can’t really complain about since they rarely have any deals, ever!

While some people see Black Friday deals as pointless, others can actually find great sales on the items they need. It all depends on finding the right place with the right sales! What is on your shopping list for this Black Friday?

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I think you forgot cars...lol...hey, if finding deals on The day after Thanksgiving is something you like, then at least enjoy it...#7 is interesting: "sometimes tablets are not really worth the price..." True, maybe, but without the AWS iPad app we wouldn't be here discussing this

So basically... Everything?

Life insurance, preferably before you go shopping on Black Friday.

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