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When budgeting, deciding which things to spend your money on are not always going to be at the top of your list! Generally, we look for ways to save our money, right? While it's always great to be thrifty, there are certain things to spend money on that are worth the splurge. I've made a list with 7 things that you should be spending money on. Go ahead, have a look!

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If you have ever had to go without appliances for a short amount of time, you know how important it is to own them! And not just any appliances, but a good quality set. It may be expensive at the time, but spending money on a good washer and dryer or stove will save you money down the road. You will get a longer lifespan as well as not having to shell out for parts or repairs when your secondhand, 10 year old dishwasher breaks down on you.



I definitely consider electronics to be one thing to spend money on. I own a laptop, an iPhone, an iPod, and a flat screen, HD TV in the way of electronics. I plan to eventually add an ipad and a desktop computer with a printer to my collection. It's important to buy quality electronics with guarantees and warranties, so that if you do experience problems, you are covered. Most of us use our electronics for either work or relaxation, so don't you think it will be much less stressful to be able to complete your work and relax in a hassle free way? Besides, you can get much better quality going with brand new electronics as opposed to second-hand electronics.



I will admit it-I love spending money on shoes! I just can't help myself. But, I have learned over the years, that just because a shoe is cheap does NOT mean I should buy it, or that it will last me my money's worth. Spend your money on shoes that fit you well, you love, and you know you will wear often. Especially if you are involved in any sort of activity or job that keeps you on your feet all day. Some examples include nurses, reporters, runners, athletes, and cashiers.


Baby Gear

Here is one of the best examples of things to spend your money on! Buying baby gear second-hand isn't always the best idea. Car seats now have expiration dates, so you could buy an expired car seat! And with infants, it's always a good idea to be as sterile and clean as possible. You can usually find baby clothing for a great deal, but don't feel bad for spending money to buy a good quality stroller, car-seat, crib, and/or playpen.


A Car

When my husband and I were first married, we drove an old junker for the first year of our marriage until we had saved enough to put a down payment on a brand new vehicle. I can tell you from first hand experiences that a new car is one of the things to spend your money on! Between all the repairs and fixing-up of our old car, we could have saved enough money to put three down payments on our car! A new car is expensive, but it gives peace of mind, and in the long run, you are saving money by not having to shell out for repairs and parts.


Kitchen Knives

Here is a thing to spend your money on that you probably wouldn't really think about! Cheap knives will end up causing you more grief then they are worth. I suggest splurging, and spending money on a nice, sharp set of kitchen knives that will effectively cut your food and save your fingers from nicks in the process! Some sets even come with warranties!



Probably my top recommendation for things to spend your money on is mattresses! A good nights sleep can hardly have a price put on it, and with a standard or cheap set of mattresses it's hardly likely that you will get much sleep, if any at all. Do research before you shell out for a set of mattresses. Check out reviews, talk to people who own the type you are considering to buy and test out a few different types in the store before making a final decision.

While this is a fabulous list, these are not the only things to spend money on! Some other things to spend money on will be personal decisions that you make according to your lifestyle. For instance, if you spend a large amount of time gardening, you should splurge on gardening tools. If you like to go out for sports, purchase quality sports gear. I hope this list of things to spend money on has been a help to you in deciding where to spend and where to cut back in your budget! What items do you enjoy spending money on?

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