7 Ways to save Money in Starbucks ...

By Jordin

7 Ways to save Money in Starbucks ...

How to save money in Starbucks is something that you need to know! If you’re like me, and close to joining Coffee Anonymous, then you probably fork out a huge chunk of cash when it comes to Starbucks! Well, never fear! Over the years I’ve picked up several handy tips for saving money in Starbucks! They are quite useful, and yes, these tips will save money in Starbucks-money you might not have even realized you were spending! Over time, $1 here and $.60 there will add up. Take my advice and learn 7 ways to save money in Starbucks!

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Bring Your Own Cup

Did you know that Starbucks will knock off ten cents of your total price if you bring your own cup with you? Any cup will do, but I personally love the Starbucks mugs they sell. They are a bit pricey, but they last forever and they are dishwasher safe, plus insulated to keep warm drinks warm and cold drinks cold. You won’t regret this investment if you drink coffee often enough.


Get a Starbucks Card

One of my favorite tips for saving money in Starbucks is to get a Starbucks card! It’s free, and only takes seconds to register it online. After you register, you will get tons of benefits including regular free drinks, free shots of syrups and milk, and several other to-good-to-pass-up offers. Ask a barista about it the next time you go into Starbucks!


Split a Venti

Here’s a great way to save money in Starbucks and still get exactly what you want. Next time you hit up Starbucks with your friend, order a venti. Then, ask for an extra cup and split the venti with your friend! Starbucks won’t charge for an extra cup, and by doing this you essentially get a grande sized beverage of your choice for about 1.50 cheaper!


Order Light Ice

My weakness is iced coffees, and I always tend to order one every time I go into Starbucks. Here’s one way to save money in Starbucks if you like iced coffees as much as I do. Order what you want and request light ice. Ice tends to take up a lot of space, so you really only need enough to keep your drink cold. If you order a tall coffee with light ice, you are almost getting as much coffee as you would in a grande cup!


Skip the Latte

Here’s a genius way to get your iced latte for less than HALF of the price! All you need to do is order two expressos over ice, then head to the bar that hold all the creamers, milks, ect. Add milk, and the flavoring of your choice and you’ve got yourself an iced latte. What a cool way to save money in Starbucks!

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Take Advantage

Here’s one of my favorite things about Starbucks. They let you take advantage of them! Well, not really but, there are ways that you can get all they offer and use it to your advantage. If you have a ton of homework or office work to catch up on, bring it to Starbucks. They offer free Wi-Fi, so you can have coffee while you study or get ahead on paying bills. Bonus: Starbucks only charges fifty cents for coffee refills if you haven’t left the building!


Take Your Trash with You

Your empty coffee bag trash, that is! Did you know Starbucks will give you a free coffee for every empty Starbucks coffee bag you bring into them? If you drink Starbucks coffee, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t give it a try. And if not, well, what are you waiting for?

Turns out that saving money in Starbucks isn’t as difficult as you thought! I hope these tips will help you to still get your coffee fix, while saving money in Starbucks. I’ve always been a huge fan of Starbucks, but I love to save where I can, so this list has helped me to save a mega wad over the years. Do you know how to save money in Starbucks? Please, comment below with your suggestions.

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RT 7 Ways to save Money in Starbucks ... I'm double checking this On campus Monday (via Twitter)

RT 7 Ways to save Money in Starbucks ... needs this (via Twitter)

Hey Jordin I LOVE your work. How can I get in touch with you?

As a barista I have to severly disagree with the 'skip the latte' option. They can probably afford it over at a corporation like Starbucks, but a locally owned and operated cafe can't afford to give away that much milk and product to someone too cheap to pay for a latte. Plus, if you're looking for cheaper, better quality coffee, go to a local cafe, they have much better baristas, locally roasted coffee, and a vibe that's a lot less hurried. Local is always better!

7 Ways to save Money in Starbucks ... I'm double checking this On campus Monday (via Twitter)

My dad found this secret that they don't put on the menu. If you only want a little coffee, then order a "short". It's about half the size of a tall and only costs $1.

7 Ways to save Money in Starbucks ...@hannah11794 we need this!! (via Twitter)