7 Ways to Say No to Peer Pressure to Spend ...


Peer pressure spending is something which, sadly, many of us fall prey to. The pressure of feeling like we are being cheap, or the boring ones of a friendship group is never nice, and often results in peer pressure spending that we can ill-afford. There are some very handy ways for you to make sure that peer pressure spending is a thing of the past; read on to discover ways to say no to spending money when with friends and entirely avoid peer pressure spending!

1. Change the Plans

Rather than just saying no to plans which friends make, you can avoid pressure from friends to spend by suggesting a change to a plan rather than completely avoiding it altogether. If you are invited out for dinner, say that you’d rather do lunch instead – lunch is generally a lot cheaper than dinner! By changing plans, not only will you keep your friends satisfied, but you can save money as well, and avoid peer pressure spending.

Say You Are on a Budget
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