9 Ways to save Money on EBay ...


9 Ways to save Money on EBay ...
9 Ways to save Money on EBay ...

I’ve been using eBay as my guilty pleasure for online shopping for a while now, and I’ve learned a few great ways to save money on eBay as a result! eBay is already the perfect place to find some really good deals on items you need or want, but now you can save even more money using eBay! How? By learning these handy ways to save money on eBay! Read below to find out what they are!

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Take Advantage of Promotions

One of my favorite ways to save money on eBay is to take advantage of eBay seller promotions. eBay often runs promotions where you can list up to 100 items per month for only $0.99! Seller fees can add up if you do a lot of selling on eBay, so this offer is nice when you can take advantage of it.


Buy or Sell in Bulk

I’ve discovered along the way that buying in bulk is sometimes the cheapest way to go! You can buy boxes of clothing or other items you want for a stellar price, and you get more for your money. When you list in bulk, people are often willing to pay a bit more if they know they are getting more. So while $25 dollars is a not a lot of money to spend on 5 shirts, it’s better to get $25 than to sell them at $1 apiece, right?


Recycle Shipping Material

Shipping material can get pricey! I realized quickly that I was spending way too much on shipping materials. There are two ways around this dilemma. You can recycle boxes and packages, provided they remain in good shape. Or, you can get free boxes from your post office! Just ask the next time you go in there.


Look for Free Shipping

For buyers on eBay, one way to really save money is to look for sellers who offer free shipping. Shipping isn’t actually too expensive, but saving $5 here and there really helps out. Always take free shipping if you can find it!


Watch Items

I love to watch items I’m interested in before bidding on them. If there are other bidders, the price can skyrocket before you realize it! Save an item in your watch list, so you can pay attention to the price as the auction draws to an end. Then you can decide if the price has already exceeded your budget, or if you are really willing to pay the asking price for an item!


Don’t Pay for Photos

eBay offers up to 10 photos for free (currently). This does change, so keep an eye out. Never post more photos if you need to pay for them. Be honest and fair in your pictures, and try to capture a clear image, but 3-4 photos usually satisfy any potential buyer.


Avoid Post Office Trips

Making a trip to the post office takes time and money, two things that are precious and hard to come by! Save yourself a little of each by printing off your labels at home. You can then contact the post office for next day pickup, which means your item goes out without you even needing to leave your house!


Buy It Now Option

Auctions on eBay are great, because sometimes you get those bomb prices! But when other people are bidding, prices can get really expensive. So check to see if anyone else has a similar item listed for a buy it now price! Buy it now prices can get you the item you want right away, no auction needed. And, you may find a better deal with the buy it now price!


Customer Service

If you run into any troubles while using eBay, never hesitate to contact eBay or PayPal. You will be reimbursed if an item you mailed was never paid for, or if an item you received was not as described. And if you receive threatening messages or unfair negative tokens from other members, customer service can take care of that problem for you as well!

These tips have helped me to become a very satisfied eBay customer, and I hope that you can benefit from them as well! Do you shop on eBay often? What are your recommended tips for saving money on eBay?

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I'm addicted to shopping on eBay ... To save money maybe I should start SELLING some of my stuff too!

Watch out for those 'Reserve' Items too! Some sellers have a reserve price on the item that he or she have up for auction, so that the seller won't get ripped off in other words.

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