8 Tips to Get the Best Bargains ...


If you've been looking for some tips to get the best bargains, then you've come to the right place! We all love shopping, and it's even better if you can get yourself a bargain. These days, many of us need to get the best value for money, and even when we have spare cash it's still a thrill to get a good deal. So here are some great tips to get the best bargains …

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Shop around

The first of my tips to get the best bargains is to always shop around. This is equally important whether you're buying something cheap or expensive. A bargain doesn't have to mean saving $100, although the savings are obviously potentially greater if you're looking for more expensive items.



Most people simply pay the full price without thinking. The true bargain hunter speaks to the shop owner or manager and asks if there is any room for negotiation. This is particularly likely with large items such as cars, or if you are planning to purchase multiple items. You may be able to get extras or delivery included.


Buy in Bulk

If you can buy items in bulk, that can be a great way of making savings. Providing you have space to store them, stock up on special offers of non-perishable items. Don't buy anything without a long use-by date, unless you can freeze it. It's not a bargain if you end up throwing it away!


Stick to Your Guns

A good bargain-hunter knows when to walk away. Have a maximum price in mind that you want to pay, and if the seller won't meet it, be prepared to turn down the item. If they sense that you are willing to pay a higher price, they're hardly going to let you have a bargain!


Early or Late?

Depending on what you want to buy and where, work out if it's better to go shopping early or late. For example, a shop sale will have the most bargains early on. However, a garage sale or market may be selling off items cheap as it draws to a close. Time it well, and you could pick up some amazing bargains.


Ask for Discount

It's always worth asking if a shop is prepared to give you a discount. Obviously this won't go down well in a chain store! In individual stores, however, you may find that the manager or owner will give you money off - but only if you ask. So try your luck - you never know what percentage off you can get.


Don't Hesitate

Normally I advise considering carefully before purchasing. But she who hesitates may miss out on a bargain. If you're looking at the last item on sale, try to decide quickly if it's what you want. Otherwise, if you think too long, you may return only to find that someone else has bagged your bargain.


Think Carefully

On the other hand, you may need to reflect. Rushing into buying an item may mean that you waste your money and don't get a true bargain. This may seem contradictory to the above point, but you have to judge which approach is right! Buying in a hurry may mean that you end up paying too much. Always shop around.

There's nothing like the joy of bagging a great bargain, so be a smart shopper and stretch your money further. If you're careful, you can buy a lot of your shopping at reduced prices. Even food is available at discount prices if you shop in the right stores and at the right time. What's the best bargain you've ever bought?

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Allison I love all of your articles. They are well thought out, always pertain to the here-and-now, and well written. Loved this one. Although I am always afraid to ask for a lower price. I don't know why, all they can say is no but I will try it now. Thanks again, Allison...keep up the good work!!

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