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7 Ways to save Money around the House ...

By Jenni

There are plenty of ways to save money around the house, and some of them are even painless! Changing up little things like when you do your laundry can make a big difference to our wallets and our schedules. Yes, saving money around the house can even help our super busy schedules too! These ways to save money around the house may surprise you with how easy the change can be.

Table of contents:

  1. Electricity
  2. Washing
  3. Apps
  4. Nest
  5. Thrift
  6. Clothing swaps
  7. Cloth, not paper

1 Electricity

One of the easiest ways to save money around the house is by running your appliances at night or on the weekends. Just like our favorite department store, our electric company has slow times and sales. Cash in on this by running your hefty appliances like dishwashers, dryers, and washing machines after 8 p.m. or on the weekends when electric companies give reduced rates. Most electric companies follow this schedule for rates, but you can find out times when electric costs less by visiting the utility company's website.

2 Washing

Using your water heater is pricey. In fact, a water heater is the third most costly appliance in your home. Rather than taking cold showers to offset the spending, wash your clothing in cold water. Most detergents work better in cold water water and any unseen stain will not be set in. Add this little tip to the nightly washings and you have just become a super money saver!

3 Apps

There are so many fantastic money saving apps out there. Most stores even keep their coupons on apps for easy retrieval. If you grocery shop where there is a Publix, the Publix app will be your new best friend. My Mom has gotten me completely hooked on this app. All you do is input your phone number and zip code. Any coupons for your area can be saved to your phone and applied at checkout with your phone number. The best part? Other retailers are picking up on the phone number trend as well!

4 Nest

The Nest thermostat has been hoarding all my product love since my hubby bought it two years ago. This thermostat may seem a bit pricey ($200-$250 at Amazon), but it is worth it. Most of our energy bill is made up of heating and cooling costs. The Nest memorizes your schedule so it knows when you are home, sleeping, and active. Then, it uses this info to reduce unneeded heating and cooling costs - it will even give you suggestions on how to save money! The company guarantees a return on investment in three years, but we saved so much on our energy bill that this little guy paid for itself in six months!

5 Thrift

Shopping thrift stores like Goodwill is not what it once was. Although some areas have better thrifting than others, I’m looking at you Rosebowl, most towns will have a few hidden gems. One of the biggest secrets in our town is Goodwill. Yes, Goodwill! I was at a fundraiser a few weeks ago and one of the ladies told me her brand new Kate Spade dress was purchased at Goodwill for $50. The tag was still on it and was priced for quite a bit more! For this reason alone I will start camping out at my local thrift stores.

6 Clothing Swaps

Have you ever looked at a friend’s top and thought of how you would kill for it? Well, instead of getting into that messy business, host a clothing swap! Clothing swaps are when a bunch of friends get together and bring clothes they are wearing less of. Instead of buying a whole new wardrobe, you loan yours out to friends and get some of their goods in return. Such a wonderful idea when our closets start looking dull and we, literally, have nothing to wear.

7 Cloth, Not Paper

Do the environment and your wallet a favor and switch to washable cloths and napkins. This simple switch can save loads on your weekly grocery bill and keep your carbon footprint a little lighter. Buying a few bundles of rags and a couple of washable cloth napkins may seem pricey at first, but your could be surprised how much it will save on weekly expenses. Just be sure that these guys do get washed in hot water since you want to nix any hidden bacteria.

Saving money around the house can be super simple. These quick tips could save anywhere from a few bucks a month to a couple hundred a year. What are some of your genius ways to save?

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