8 Best Apps to Help You save Money ...

Since you carry your phone everywhere, having apps to help you save money is absolutely essential! Whether you’re at the grocery store, the mall or on the road, the following nine apps to help you save money will assist you in getting great deals, cheap gas and awesome discounts!

1. The Coupons App

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This is one of my favorite apps to help you save money because it offers coupons for almost any store. It compiles all the coupons currently in effect and lists them. You can find coupons for Dunkin Donuts, Target and even Lowe's. Just scroll down the list every once in awhile or before you go shopping and see if you can use any of the coupons! If so, you can email them to yourself and print them out or share them on any social network. Most of the time, if you click on a coupon, it’ll launch your internet browser.

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