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7 Ways to save on Diapers ...

By Jordin

Many parents look for ways to save on diapers, especially when they have more than one in diapers! If you have a little one that is wearing diapers, these tips just might help you save a little hard-earned cash on diapers! It’s a necessary cost, but there are ways to trim it down so you don’t need to spend quite as much money. Please keep reading to learn a few ways to save on diapers and get your money’s worth on what you do need to spend!

Table of contents:

  1. Stack coupons
  2. Use cloth diapers
  3. Buy in bulk
  4. Go longer between changes
  5. Use the store brand
  6. Pay attention to sizes
  7. Buy online

1 Stack Coupons

One of the key ways to save on diapers is by stacking up coupons! If you find a coupon to save a dollar or two, that’s great, but when you can stack it with another coupon you can really get a nice savings! Sign up to receive coupons in the mail on and, and check websites like or for printable coupons. You can also clip coupons from your local paper, and remember to check store websites or ask cashiers how you can get store coupons. Many chain stores have rewards programs, especially if you register your baby with them! Target is one store that gives out coupons as well as 10% savings on any of the items you register for if you buy them yourself.

2 Use Cloth Diapers

Many parents balk at the idea of using cloth diapers, but in today’s technology, cloth diapering has a come a long way from what it used to be! Do your research before writing it off completely. You will spend a couple hundred bucks initially for the supplies, but it will pay off in the long run when you don’t have to keep on buying diapers!

3 Buy in Bulk

Buying in bulk is usually a good way to get great rates on anything, but especially diapers! The big boxes not only shave a few dollars off the price, but you get more and it keeps you from making more runs to the store to grab diapers. Most drugstores will sell large boxes of diapers, but you can check places like Costco and Sam’s Club to find the best rates.

4 Go Longer between Changes

Now this one might sound a little weird, but most brand new parents think it’s necessary to change their baby every hour, whether they are wet or not. Obviously, if your baby has a wet or dirty diaper then you should change him or her as soon as possible to avoid a nasty rash. But if your baby’s diaper is still dry after an hour or two, no need to change it just because. Save a diaper!

5 Use the Store Brand

This tip will be a matter of preference, but in most cases I have found that the store brand of diapers does just as well of a job as name brands do! You may have to try a few different stores, because some store brands will vary from others. But if you can save a dollar or two per pack of diapers, those saving will add up by the end of the year! If the store brand doesn’t work, then move up to the next price range and try that one!

6 Pay Attention to Sizes

As mentioned previously in this post, buying diapers in bulk is a great way to save on diapers. However, it’s important to pay attention to your baby’s size when you buy a large box of diapers. Newborns tend to grow out of newborn sizes very quickly, so you won’t want to stock up on newborn sizes. And if your baby is getting ready to move up a size in diapers, you wouldn’t want to fork out for two large boxes of diapers in the smaller size, only to have them not work!

7 Buy Online

Online shopping is often a way to save money on nearly anything, but especially diapers! Join sites like Amazon, where you can get super saver deals and rock solid prices. It’s free to join and you can order anytime! eBay is another ideal website to check on.

I hope these tips will help you save a few of your pennies on diapers! Babies are expensive, but they are always worth it. I’d love to hear from others parents out there! How do you save money on diapers? Please comment with your tried-and-true tips and thanks for reading!

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