8 Tips to save Money on Car Maintenance ...


8 Tips to save Money on Car Maintenance ...
8 Tips to save Money on Car Maintenance ...

Save money on car maintenance? Yes, it's quite possible! Cars are expensive, and so finding ways to save money on car maintenance is very important for cash-strapped drivers. By keeping your car in top shape, you'll find that you can save money on car maintenance quite naturally; the car is likely to work more efficiently and reliably. Basics, such as fluid levels and tire pressure, can help save money on car maintenance in the long-run, so don’t dismiss the idea of taking care of your car!

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Fluid Levels

There are some things in a car which just aren’t possible to maintain without the help of a professional mechanic, but your fluid levels aren’t one of them. Ensuring that you have the correct level of engine oil, antifreeze, transmission fluid, brake and power steering fluid, and wiper fluid will save you a lot of money in the long run, as having insufficient levels of any of those can cause serious damage to the internal workings of your car. If there is one tip to help save money on car maintenance that every driver should be taking note of, it’s definitely this one.


Tire Pressure

The air pressure in your tires is extremely important. Not having to replace tires before their estimated lifespan is one way to keep costs of running a car down. Depending on where you live and what you use your car for, your tires will encounter a variety of terrains and will therefore have to deal with various objects along the way. Nails, rocks and fragmented bits of tree are just three of the common hazards which tires come into contact with on a daily basis – without making sure that the tire pressure on your car is correct, you will not only cause damage but also find that you are not getting efficient mileage. If your tires are under-inflated, you will find steering difficult; if they are over-inflated, the tires will lose their tread more easily.


Spare Tire

Tires become damaged; that’s just a part of owning a car. But you can avoid vehicle recovery fees by keeping a spare tire in your car at all times. If you feel like you are able to change the tire yourself, go ahead – there are usually people who are willing to stop by and give you a hand, provided you have a jack and lug wrench in the car too. Towing is expensive, so heed this tip for saving money on car maintenance!


Change the Oil

Here's a handy tip to help you save money on car maintenance! While it’s important to keep the oil level high enough, it’s also important to regularly change the oil that your car is using. If you can learn to change the oil yourself, you will definitely save money on car maintenance. Oil is what keeps the car running – without it being good quality and clean, you will find that your car can suddenly stop working or become severely damaged. The type of oil required (the viscosity and weight) will change between cars, so check your owner’s manual for more information.


Replace Your Air Filter

One way to save money on car maintenance is to change your air filter yourself, rather than using a mechanic. The filter itself is expensive, and most vehicles will not require any special tools for the job. Changing your filter every 3 months or so is recommended, but if you use your car in inner-city areas with high pollution, or in an area with fine dust/dirt, you may want to change it more frequently. Once again, your vehicle manual should explain the necessary steps.


Maintain Your Wiper Blades

This is not so much a tip to make sure that you save money on car maintenance, but rather to make sure that you are safe. Having an obstruction on your windshield can be very dangerous, and finding that your wiper blades are not working well enough to clear it can cause fatal accidents. Even if you do not use them very much due to living in a warm and sunny climate, make sure that you are changing them annually, as the rubber can deteriorate.


Wiper Fluid

One of the most important fluids in your car is the wiper fluid. However, a lot of people do not buy the correct fluid, and instead replace it with water. This is a bad idea – water will freeze in the winter months, which damages your internal spray system. Keep the costs of running a car down by using wiper fluid.


Check Your Manual

Quite simply, if you want to save money on car maintenance, check the owner's manual for more information. There are some things which will require a professional mechanic, but there are others which can be completed with a quick internet search and some common sense. Do your part to save money, but don't hesitate if you do have to send your vehicle to the repair shop. Sometimes professional care is necessary to ensure your safety, and the safety of others!

Vehicle maintenance is one of the most important things in keeping drivers safe, and although you want to save money on car maintenance, make sure you are doing it safely. Only ever replace something which you know you are capable of replacing, and never let your car go unchecked for months on end. Saving money on car maintenance can really aid your monthly budget! What are your tips to save money on car maintenance?

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