8 Easy Ways to save Money on Your Beauty Routine ...


8 Easy Ways to save Money on Your Beauty Routine ...
8 Easy Ways to save Money on Your Beauty Routine ...

Saving money on your beauty routine is easier than you might think! There may be times you feel like it is too costly to keep up with your beauty routine, but if you take advantage of these tips and suggestions, you will be able to save money on your beauty regimine and look as lovely as ever. Challenge yourself to try a few new things, or take a shot at a home beauty routine, like a few mentioned below. You may be surprised to find it works better than what you have been using, and you will love saving money on your beauty routine!

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Double Duty Products

There are several different products that you probably have sitting in your bathroom right now that can actually pull double duty for you. Why buy two products when you can buy one product and use it for two things? Here are a couple of suggestions for you. Hair conditioner makes a great shaving cream. Petroleum jelly doubles as makeup remover, and an intense moisturizer for dry skin. Lipstick will work as a cream blush! And light shimmery eye shadow can be used as a highlighter for cheekbones.


Re-purpose Products

If you bought a product that doesn’t seem to work well for you, don’t toss it out! Instead, re-purpose it. Allergic to the new face cream you tried? Use it as a cuticle moisturizer! Don’t like the bubble bath you bought? Use it as a hand wash in your guest bathroom. And never throw out broken bronzers. Mix a little lotion with them, and you’ve got yourself a custom bronzing lotion! Now that is saving money on your beauty routine!


Watch Brand Names

There are certain brand name items I couldn’t imagine not buying every time. Sometimes we just find a product that works and stick to it! But don’t feel you must have brand name products for EVERY little thing. Sometimes, off-brands or less-popular brands work just as well as the leading brand, and save you money in the process! If you’re looking to save money on your beauty routine, give this tip a try.


Get the Right Shampoo

I love to get my hair done as much as the next girl. But I was always so disappointed when my color faded only weeks after my trip to the salon. That’s when my stylist started recommending the salon shampoo. The price is a bit heftier than a drugstore brand, but my color stayed bright and vivid for twice as long! It’s worth the investment in the long run, when you consider how much money goes down the drain each time you wash your hair with cheap shampoo.


Talk to Your Stylist

Here’s a great way to save money on your beauty routine. Talk to your stylist. Ask her if she offers any kinds of discounts for long time faithful customers. She may run a special where you can earn a half-priced haircut or something similar for referring new customers to her! The only thing you can do is ask. And of course, search for coupons for your salon online, or ask about specials deals and packages!


Try Home Remedies

One of the things that can help you to save money on your beauty routine is to quit buying everything from the store! Why pay for a mask to get rid of your acne when you can mash up a strawberry, spread it on your face, and get the same effect? For dry skin, try a banana. And there’s no need to pay for a nail whitener when you can use a lemon slice on your nails. Look into home remedies, you’ll find it saves you a pretty penny!


Cut Back Product Usage

I almost never use as much product as the bottle recommends. You can usually only use half of what the back will say to use. Most beauty products are so concentrated that it won’t make a difference, except to make the product last longer and save you money! Experiment until you find the correct amount that works for you. You’d be surprised at how little you can get away with using for the same great effect!


Avoid Money Wasters

One of my favorite ways for saving money on your beauty routine is to stop buying into what I like to call “Money-wasters.” There’s no need to pay for tooth whitening strips when you can use a daily whitening toothpaste for a fraction of the cost and an outstanding result. And for every new hair removal product that comes onto the market, I simply roll my eyes and reach for my razor. Nothing else works quite as good! Avoid “trending” beauty products; they only want your money.

I hope you can see how easy it is to save money on your beauty routine! There are many different beauty products on the market these days trying to get all of your money. But you’re smarter than that, and this article shows you how you can be saving money on your beauty routine and taking advantage of every little use each product can give you. What are some ways that YOU save on your beauty routine?

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