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When you see how much some students pay for textbooks, you might be searching for some other alternatives to paying full price for textbooks. Books in college can be overwhelmingly expensive and not many people take them into account when creating a college budget. I know friends who have spent upwards of $500 on one semester’s worth of books. It is crazy how fast the cost can add up. But with these alternatives to paying full price for textbooks, you can really save a bunch of money and still learn just as much.

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With the high price of textbooks being a huge source of stress for students, sharing a textbook with a friend is one of the best alternatives to paying full price for textbooks. It not only lets you pay half price for a textbook, you get an automatic study buddy. This is a great option if one of your best friends is in your class. You two can take turns reading the book during the week and then get together on the weekend to swap notes.



If you don’t need to highlight your textbooks, you could look into renting your textbooks instead of buying them full price. This option tends to be a little bit cheaper but you do have to be careful to take good care of the book during the semester. If you return it in poor condition or if you lose it, most companies will charge you a hefty fee.


Check It out of the Library

This is usually what I do when it comes times to read textbooks. Most of my teachers will put textbooks on reserve in the library for students to check out for a few hours at a time. Not only does this save you tons of money on textbooks, it will help you set aside a certain time you will be focused on reading your textbook. Head to the library, check out the book, and enjoy the next two hours focusing solely on your studies.


Shop Online

It might seem way more convenient to stop by your local bookstore to pick up textbooks, but it will definitely make a dent in your wallet. It you want a discount on textbooks, try to shop around online for the cheapest option. Websites like Chegg.com and Neebo.com are great places to start, but if you really want a bargain, search the ISBN number of your textbook and look around for the lowest price.


Buy from a Friend

Having friends in your major can come in handy when it comes time to get textbooks. Contact any of your friends you know have taken a class you’re in and see if they are willing to sell you their used textbook for a reduced price. It will save you a ton of money and you have an immediate contact if you need help in a class.



If you are high-tech, an e-book could be a great alternative for you. Because companies don’t actually have to produce and ship a textbook, e-books tend to be cheaper than a physical copy. It also helps you go green because it saves a TON of paper in printing.


Copy the Pages

If you really want to save money and don’t mind spending a while standing by a copy machine, you can always borrow the book from a friend and copy the pages you need. It may take a while, but it certainly is one of the cheapest options.

Textbooks are a huge headache for any college student. Half the time, teachers don’t even use material from the books. Save yourself the trouble of draining your bank account and use these alternatives to paying full price for textbooks. What did you think of these alternatives? What are some other alternatives to paying full price for college textbooks? What are some ways you have gotten discounted textbooks?

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