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If you’re looking to save a little money this year, there are some ways PayPal can help you meet that goal. I started using PayPal about three years ago, and just love it. I’ve also saved a good bit of money, all in different ways. PayPal is a website that not only protects your information, but it also links to any bank account or credit card you choose. You can also have your direct deposit set up through PayPal, send money to others, receive money from others, and the best part is, no one ever knows your financial information. Be sure to sign up for a PayPal Master Debit card too. It’s not a credit card, but a 100% free card that links to your PayPal account. You get a lot of perks with the card, and there’s no interest or fees to use it. Other ways PayPal can help you save more money this year are listed below, but let me know if you have any too!

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No Check Fees

I use my PayPal Master Debit Card for everything, and it’s one of the best ways PayPal can help you save money. By not using checks you can’t bounce anything, never have to worry about it clearing from your bank, and you can put as much money into your PayPal account as you want, from your banking account. This is great if you have a budget for groceries and don’t want to go over when you see all those tempting sales at the store. Just transfer how much you want from your bank account to your PayPal card, and then only use the card to buy your purchases.


Bill Pay

You can set up your bills to come out through your PayPal Master Debit Card as well, which can help you save even further. No overdraft fees, and you even get points back on your card for every purchase made.


Shopping Perks

One way PayPal’s debit card can help you save is for shopping. You’ll get 5% back towards all your monthly purchases at the end of each month. If you buy a lot online, or even in stores through retailers, gas, and grocery, always use your PayPal Master Debit card, and you’ll actually get paid for shopping. Now really, who doesn’t want that?


No Interest

PayPal comes with no interest, yet the PayPal Master Debit Card is accepted anywhere MasterCard credit cards are. Use this instead of credit cards and you’ll save on interest fees that can end up costing more than you realize over time.


Bank Transfers

One of my favorite things about having a PayPal account is that I can transfer any amount to my bank, or someone else’s bank, without driving to the bank at all. It usually takes about 2 business days to clear whether you send or request money from yours or someone else’s bank. It’s completely free, and saves you gas, time, and a headache. It’s also 100% safety-proof.


Direct Deposit

As I mentioned, you can have your company automatically send your paycheck to a PayPal account so long as they have the account information. This is great because you never have to fool with bank fees and could technically use only PayPal for all your expenses, eliminating the bank altogether.


No Fees- Period

PayPal is 100% free. No fees- ever. You can even use your smartphone with the free PayPal app and save in stores this way too. No check fees, no ATM fees- nothing. If you use an ATM with your PayPal card, just use one listed on the PayPal website, or use the debit option at any retailer and get money off your card free. Easy, peasy, and 100% free.

PayPal has been around for a long time, but many people are still hesitant to use it. I’d like to encourage you to use it more often for your personal use. You’d be surprised in all the ways you’ll save over time. If you use PayPal, have you noticed it’s saved you money?

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