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Genius Side Job Ideas for Girls Needing Extra Cash ...

By Eliza

Being short on cash is never something you want to have to deal with, right? Instead of having to suffer through calls from collection agencies or being harassed by your utility companies, consider getting a side job. You might find something fun and fulfilling, but either way, you can earn the extra dollars you need to stay caught up. Putting something away can also help you quit the second job in the future while also having the security you need to have a savings account for emergencies. Here are some great options to help you sock something away.

1 Offer to Babysit Your Friends’ Kids

Babysitting is a pretty lucrative side job with rates per hour often being more than $10. Watch your friends’ kids for a few hours and you can put away a good amount of cash without having to go to a job. Babysitting can be done in your home or the kids’ home and it can be a fun way to earn some money. If you love kids, this is the perfect choice for you.

2 Take in Some Pets for the Weekend

People are always looking for a trusted person to babysit their pets while they are on vacation. Offer up your services and you can earn quite a bit of cash. For example, I watched a friend’s dog for 6 days and she paid me $400. I work at home so it was no extra sweat to have a dog with me all day. Plus, spending time with animals is great for stress!

3 Tutoring is a Great Choice

If you’re a teacher or have an advanced degree in a certain subject, you could be qualified to be a tutor. Parents whose children are struggling in school love having some extra help getting their kids where they need to be in the classroom. Tutors earn pretty good money by the hour and it’s fulfilling work so you might find that you love it and want to keep at it even when you don’t need the money anymore.

4 Work as a Waitress or Bartender

The simplest thing you can do to earn some extra cash is to get a job waiting tables or bartending. The tips are quick and you can take them home at the end of each shift. Working in a restaurant is pretty easy and you don’t have to take the work home with you at the end of the shift. Restaurants and bars are always hiring so you shouldn’t have a hard time finding yourself a side job.

5 Deliver the Local Paper in Your Neighborhood

My parents had a paper route when I was a kid so they could put me through private school and make ends meet. I will be forever grateful and I was surprised to find out just how much you can make simply by tossing newspapers into people’s driveways. You do have to get up early to get them delivered on time, but the salary is pretty decent and at the holidays, you can earn some big bucks in tips from your customers.

6 Sell Your Crafts Online

Many people make a viable second income by selling their homemade goods on a site like Etsy. People love buying these kinds of things and you can make some good income by creating something and selling it to people online. You can work on your own time and set your own prices.

7 Do Odd Jobs or Be a Personal Assistant

Some people are perfectly happy passing off their yard work and errands to a personal assistant. And most of them are willing to pay pretty good for the service. Whether you plant flowers, pick up dry cleaning, get groceries or organize the day planner, you can earn some pretty good cash helping someone with their daily chores.

8 Try Fundraising for Charities and Organisations

One really great job you can do on the side is try fundraising for charities, organisations and groups that could do with the help of the community. Usually this is about raising money for an important and worthwhile cause, so it can feel great to know that you are able to contribute by promoting and raising awareness for this with the public. If it's a cause you feel particularly strong about then this is a further incentive to be help out.

9 Do Chores for Your Neighbours

Not everyone's parents are willing to pay them to do odd jobs around the house, especially if you're in your late teens/early twenties and should be helping out around the house without the incentive of money! If this is the case for you, why not try your luck with the neighbours or those living around you? This could be anything from offering to mow their lawn every fortnight to babysitting or looking after their pets while the owners are away. After all, if they're not your parents then there's probably more a lot more chance they'll pay you for it.

10 Work at a Supermarket

And last but not least, our last suggestion for women looking to earn extra cash through side jobs is working at a supermarket. You may have noticed that there's plenty of young-looking cashiers at supermarkets - in fact plenty are still in school - so this is a really great idea to pick up a bit of extra money in a short period of time. Opt for a part time to casual role here to ensure it's a side job that you can benefit from via the pay.

Which of these would you try first? What other ways can you add to earn some extra money?

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