8 Easy Ways to Earn Extra Cash ...


8 Easy Ways to Earn Extra Cash ...
8 Easy Ways to Earn Extra Cash ...

Making extra cash is always useful, isn´t it? Bills are going up all the time, but salaries stay the same. Fortunately there are lots of easy ways to earn extra cash; you won´t make a fortune out of any of them, but every extra dollar helps! So here are some easy ways of making extra cash …

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The first, and perhaps easiest option, of making extra cash is for those who already have a full- or part-time job. Ask your bosses if there is any overtime available, and let them know that you´d be willing to do extra hours to cover absences and holiday cover. You get some extra cash, and they get the work covered.


Second Job

Depending on your energy levels and other commitments, getting a second job can be very handy. Even a couple of evenings a week or one day at the weekend will make a difference, and you´ll still have plenty of free time. Some possibilities are bar work, supermarkets, or one-off events such as festivals.


Focus Groups

Focus groups won´t be a big earner, but they are a good way of making a little extra. If you are accepted, you will probably only be offered two or three a year, but since the hourly payment can be quite high, it´s some handy extra cash.



Some people find eBay rather complicated these days, but if you can cope with the ever-changing rules and the odd difficult customer, then it´s a great way to make extra cash. Look around your house, and you will find all sorts of things that you don´t need. You won´t make a fortune, but you might as well earn some cash from your unwanted clothes and possessions – it can be surprising what people will buy!


Mystery Shopping

If you´ve got some free time, then try mystery shopping. It can even be done in your lunch break or on your way home from work. The pay is not great, but if you have to purchase any items you will be reimbursed, and may actually get to keep the item as well.


Small Business

Do you have any craft skills? Are you knowledgeable about computers? Whatever your talents, you can turn them into a small business, selling products or services. It doesn´t have to become a massive empire (although go ahead if you want!), but could earn you a good second income.



If you´re looking for easy ways to earn extra cash, then passing on your skills to other people could be a nice little earner for you. With the right skills and experience, you could tutor students, teach evening classes, give language lessons or run fitness classes. There are so many possibilities!


Party Plan

Party plan is perennially popular! Whether it´s selling candles, beauty products, adult items or cooking equipment, there is something to suit all tastes in the party plan market. So if you´re outgoing and have a lot of contacts that could host parties, this could be a great way of making extra cash!

There are lots of easy ways to earn extra cash. Okay, they won´t make you a fortune – if it was that easy, we´d all be doing it! But you can earn enough to make your life more comfortable or pay for a holiday. Have you ever found any unusual ways of making extra cash, and is there anything that you wouldn´t consider?

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Depending on past jobs, it's also easy to use old skills to help earn some extra spending money

Can you recommend a GOOD and LEGIT Mystery Shopping company? I'd like to try it but don't know where to start or what Mystery Shopping companies are the best?

Sorry but what's mystery shopping???

Dog walking is great if love dogs get fit play with dogs n get payed for it! I do it to help out those extra little bills etc

I've always wanted to be a mystery shopper <3

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