8 Financial Resolutions You Should Make in 2013 ...


We may be a few months into 2013 already, but it's never too late to make your financial resolutions for the year. Taking care of your finances may not be a particularly sexy subject, but it's certainly the smart thing to do. It's important to be financially aware and organised, especially in the current difficult climate. So make these financial resolutions and stick to them …

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Pensions have had a bad press in recent years, but contributing to one should be one of your top financial resolutions. If you don't put money into a pension, then you could have a very difficult old age. That might seem a long way off, but it will happen! So if you don’t already have a pension, start one. If you do, put as much as you can spare into it.


Smart Spending

Do you often wonder where your money disappears to? This year, resolve to look carefully at where your money is going. That means noting down your expenditure; even the small purchases add up. Then begin to be more careful about how you spend your money. Focus on things you really need or want, and don't waste a cent.



In 2013, work on building up your savings. Believe me, you never want to be in the position where you are wondering how you are going to pay a bill. Having a healthy savings account means that you are less likely to have to worry. So divert money from spending to saving.


Boost Your Income

Your income needs to rise just to keep up with the cost of living. So look at ways of increasing your earnings. Can you make a good case for a pay raise? Present your boss with evidence of how you have saved or earned the company money. Could you get a second job, do overtime, or set up a small business for additional income?


Be Informed

Money is a subject that we find confusing and difficult to talk about. This year, don't be ignorant about finance. Educate yourself on the topic; read the newspapers and research financial websites. This will help you avoid costly mistakes and help you make better financial decisions.


Protect Your Money

Are you loved up? You might trust your loved one 100%, and I wouldn't want you to do otherwise. However, every woman should protect her money, because relationships can go very wrong. Fail to use your head, and you could pay with your wallet. Your partner will understand if they truly love you.


Sort out Debts

Have you taken out loans or built up credit card debts? Being in debt can leave you depressed, worried, and feeling that you can never fix the situation. Don't panic. Act now and start to tackle your debts. It is possible - plenty of people have worked their way out of debt! Take advice, speak to your creditors, and take control.


Careful Credit Card

Credit cards are tempting little things, aren't they? They certainly have their uses - try hiring a car without one. But it's easy to overspend, and quickly end up with a massive bill. Then the interest mounts up, and soon you're only able to pay off the interest. Save your credit card for emergencies and purchases where using it gives you protection. Remember, when you use it, you are actually taking on a debt.

Every woman needs to be smart with money. We have to be able to take care of our own finances - this is the modern world, after all! So make this the year that you take control of your finances. Educate yourself and spend your money wisely. Save as much as you can, so that your future will be secure. What is your weak point where money or shopping is concerned?

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