9 Online Banking Tips ...


9 Online Banking Tips ...
9 Online Banking Tips ...

Online banking tips can be very helpful if you have just recently begun online banking, or have been contemplating doing it but aren’t sure where to start! I have been online banking for several years now and I can say it’s been such a help to me. If you want some great tips for online banking, keep reading this article. I’ve combined my own experiences with lots of research to give you all the helpful info and online banking tips in one handy place.

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Set up Bill Pay

Bill pay in one of my favorite perks about online banking! Forget trying to mail off checks, messing with late fees and stamps. All you need to do is set up your biller’s names online, and then schedule a payment! Most businesses these days will even allow for direct withdrawal so you never need to worry about scheduling payments. Now that’s hassle-free dealing!


Clear Your Browser Often

Clearing your browser is one of the best tips for online banking I can give you. By not clearing your browser, you enable hackers to have an easier job of getting to your bank information by tracking your web history and keystrokes. It’s also a good idea to install a firewall, as additional security. And make sure you keep your anti-virus scanner up to date!


Check for Perks

Here’s an online banking tip that will help you decide which bank to go with if you have been considering several different ones. Find out which banks offer perks and add-ons for banking with them. Some banks have hidden bonuses like frequent flier miles, free checks, cash bonuses, or gift cards, just for opening and using your online banking account on a regular basis. It’s worth looking into it and finding out!


Be Aware of Scams

Here’s an important tip for online banking. Be careful of emails you receive from your bank. Many people can copy or alter a bank URL to make it look like it’s legitimate. It could lead to a phish website, then someone would have your password and could hack your account. Never send any account numbers or information via email, and never open an email that doesn’t display your bank’s secure padlock insignia or that seems a little fishy.


Know Your Security Options

An online banking tip that should NEVER be ignored is to know your security precautions and USE them. In addition to your strong password (which you should change every 3-6 months), you should have at least two security questions. Some banks even have security seals you can personalize. Make sure you always log out of your account, even on a personal computer. Never send account numbers or pin numbers via email. And never click the “Remember my password” button on any computer for your bank log-in site!


Look into Offered Features

When setting up your bank account, or deciding which bank to go with, it’s important to find out what features each bank comes with. Some of the most standard things that should come with online banking are free checking, direct deposit, online bill pay, online statements and ATM fee rebates. But I’ve found that some banks don’t offer these items wit h their online banking. Always know and consider your options.


Use Secure Internet

An online banking tip that shouldn’t be overlooked is to remember how important it is to never sign into you bank account using an unsecured computer or internet. Most public computers or anywhere that offers free Wi-Fi generally aren’t an ideal choice. Your mobile device is okay to use, just don’t connect to Internet you aren’t sure about, particularly free streaming and Wi-Fi. This is just a security pre-caution on your part!


Create a Strong Password

Here’s an online banking tip to remember. Never pick an easily guessed password. Choose something hard to guess or figure out, then memorize it and don’t keep it stored anywhere. Something with an odd sequence of numbers and letters are best. And change your password often, making it harder for someone to track and hack into your account.


You’re Never Alone

Although online banking is solely online, remember that you are never alone! Anytime you have questions, customer service is only a phone call away. You can often call your bank directly for help with questions or concerns you may have. Just be aware; an employee or customer representative should always ask for your name, social security number and birth-date. Security questions are optional.

I hope these online banking tips will help you to feel better about starting an online banking account of your own, or using your more often. Online banking has so many great advantages, but many people think it will be too hard to keep up with. In fact, it’s the opposite! These tips for online banking can help prove that, if you just give it a try. Thanks so much for reading today! Do you have any extraordinary online banking tips to share with us today?

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