How to Create an Eyecatching Booth at a Business Expo ...


How to Create an Eyecatching Booth at a Business Expo ...
How to Create an Eyecatching Booth at a Business Expo ...

If you are the owner of a website, then you may have the chance to invest in a booth or table. How to create an eye catching expo booth is something you need to know. It helps you to become an unquestioned presence at an indoor event, typically a show. If your budget provides you with funds for a booth or table, you will want to draw people to that same location.

If you are lucky, you will be able to choose the area where you would like to interact with those attending the planned event. Of course, if you get stuck in a dark corner, how to create an eye catching booth or table will prove of maximum value. Here are five tricks for creation of an attention-grabbing spot, one that show attendees will definitely want to visit.

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Use Only Logo Colors

Color is rule #1 when you're trying to figure out how to create an eye catching booth. Of course, white and black can be used in addition to those particular colors. The idea is to increase awareness of your brand among consumers. Here are the main places where you ought to feature one or more of the colors in your company’s logo:
-The tablecloth or covering for the display area of a booth

- Any carpet or floor covering that gets placed under the table or inside the booth

- The clothing worn by those working at the table or booth

- The backdrops used at any displays.


Consider Renting a Backlight or Spotlight

First, make sure that you will have access to an electrical outlet. The availability of a backlight or spotlight can make up for the effect produced by poor quality ceiling lights. Consider renting what is called a video wall. Plan to show one of these three things on that same lighted wall
- A display of the show's Twitter feed

- A high resolution display of your logo

- A video loop of your newest or your best-selling products


Plan a Simple and Uncluttered Booth

Make sure that your booth has some sort of focal point. Make sure that anyone passing your booth will not feel unsure about what product or service you are selling. Still, be welcoming to all.


Coordinate the Contents of Your Booth with What Was Mentioned in Any Promotion

Ideally, you have promoted your presence at that particular location by distributing printed invitations, posting information on your website, mentioning the scheduled event in one or more blog posts and by using social media networks to get out the word about the planned booth, you better have what you advertised in your booth.


Have Some of the New Products on Display

Do not give a standard presentation to each person that visits. Ask them a few questions, and then try to provide them with a personalized presentation. Mention a benefit that matches with one of the visitor’s needs. Be prepared for the visitor that thinks the asking price is too high. Be prepared, too, for the visitor that will want to know the origin of all the materials used in a displayed product. These seem to be the biggest concerns that online shoppers that view new products tend to have.


Have a Quality Product on Display

Obviously, a product crafted from cheap materials will not demonstrate the sort of reliability and dependability that most consumers want. By the same token, a manufacturer sometimes has to cut costs by seeking out the most affordable material (regardless of its source). Use your booth or table design to catch people’s attention. Once any of the passersby have become a visitor, try to empathize with their concerns, even if they seem to think that you can perform miracles.

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