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5 Ways to Get the Media to Cover Your Event ...

By Sue

Wondering how to get the media to cover your event?

Whether your organization has planned a panel discussion, the appearance of a guest speaker, or a fundraiser, it would certainly benefit from some free publicity. For that reason, you should seek to ensure the presence of members of the media at your event. Here are five ways that you can encourage a member of the media to set aside time for attending your group’s scheduled event.

Read on for all the answers on how to get the media to cover your event.

1 First, Offer to Help with Any Effort to Arrange for Pre-event Coverage

Obviously, the members of your organization would welcome such coverage. Reach out to the editor, and volunteer to help any reporter that plans to take a closer look at how your organization is planning for this particular event. Perhaps you could assist that same reporter by scheduling a few interviews. This is definitely one of the best answers to how to get the media to cover your event.

2 Volunteer to Lend Assistance to Those That May Want Some Pictures of What Took Place at Your Event

Sometimes a paper welcomes photos from an outside source. Editors appreciate an organization’s readiness to provide extra photographs. That saves the editor from investing an added amount of time and money in coverage of your planned activity.


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3 Demonstrate the Sincerity of Your Group’s Desire to Furnish Valuable Material

Get the details regarding how a photograph should be submitted. Will the editor be happy with an electronic submission, one sent from a cell phone, or would it be better for your group to work with a professional photographer?

Obtain the email for the appropriate editor, if your event does not take place during a time period covered by the editor that you approached initially. Also ask how you can get in touch with a beat reporter. Keep in mind the fact that a larger paper will have beat reporters for various sections of that same publication.

4 Perhaps the Editor Would like to Learn More about Any Noteworthy People That You Expect to Have Attending Your Event

That would certainly be the case, if you were planning a panel discussion. Volunteer to arrange for having a reporter speak with one or more of those same individuals.

Maybe there will be some type of music at your event. It could be that the editor would welcome the chance to have a reporter interview the expected musician. As you discuss that potential interview with an editor, you might find that it becomes easier to introduce the next possibility.

5 Why Not Invite the Editor to Attend as an Honored Guest?

If the editor shows no interest in being an honored guest, keep encouraging his or her attendance for at least part of your event. Show that you are willing to supply the editor with a parking pass. If the information has not been placed on the Internet, be sure that the editor has directions to the spot where the planned activity will take place. Indicate that you are willing to see that a seat has been reserved for the use of the invited editor. Never fail to ignore the type of coverage your group would prefer.

Seek out the editor of a publication that seems ready to provide your organization with such coverage. If the activity planned for the near future does not interest a certain editor, make note of what type of event that same member of the media would be willing to cover.

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