15 Unusual Jobs Where the Salary Might Surprise You ...


15 Unusual Jobs Where the Salary Might Surprise You ...
15 Unusual Jobs Where the Salary Might Surprise You ...

There are plenty of unusual jobs out there, and people don’t often know very much about them. As such, we often assume that they aren’t very highly paid jobs, as we tend to think we are familiar with most jobs with high salaries: being a doctor, lawyer, banker or senior manager, for example. However, the rewards for doing an unusual jobs are often high, so here are 9 unusual jobs where the salary might surprise you!

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Body Part Model

This makes the list of unusual jobs because although there are a lot of these models, we don’t really hear about them. They may not earn much first starting out, but they can earn more than $1000 for an afternoon’s ‘work.’ The purpose of a body part model is essentially to model one specific part of their body. This can be for advertisements that only need a picture of the eyes, or a hand, but is more commonly to fill in for models that may have an imperfect body part.


Body part models specialize in showcasing the beauty or function of specific limbs or features. It's a niche career that requires maintenance of one’s body part to perfection, which could be anything from immaculately manicured hands for jewellery adverts to flawless feet for a luxury shoe campaign. The business isn't just limited to external features; some even find work with their internal organs, performing for medical training videos or educational materials. To succeed in this line of work, it's essential to have a part that stands out, along with the patience and precision to capture the perfect shot—qualities that make it both demanding and rewarding.


Food Scientist

Food scientists that specialize in ice cream do particularly well, earning on average $56,000 for tasting ice cream for a living. Where can I sign up?



Embalmers preserve dead bodies for a living, usually just for the short-term nowadays so that they can be displayed at their funeral. They earn on average $43,760 a year for doing a job many of us really wouldn’t want to.


Funeral Service Manager

This is another of the unusual jobs that pays well that’s to do with death. People just don’t want to do these jobs because they’re emotionally difficult, and many people are more than a little bit unnerved by dead bodies. Funeral service managers earn on average $79,930 a year.


Personal Shopper

Being a personal shopper would be a dream job for many people, and it can also pay very well. The money’s probably not great if you work in your local high street clothes shop, but some personal shoppers earn more than $100,000 a year. It’s all about where you work, and who your clients are.


Cruise Ship Entertainer

Provided that you don’t suffer from seasickness, becoming a cruise ship entertainer is one of the unusual jobs you really should look into if you’re young, single and have a talent for performance. They earn on average $3,000 - $4,000 a month plus room and board, so that money is all yours as you’ll have no rent or bills. Occasionally, they even hit the big time and become famous.


Hot Dog Vendor

You wouldn’t expect the people you see working on hot dog stalls in the street to be earning very much money, but they tend to earn $30,000 - $100,000. The top end of the range can surely only be those that run their own business, although it’s a business that many people could set up.


Virtual Head Hunter

Absolutely nothing to do with killing anyone, virtual head hunters can earn anything from $250 to $10,000 per referral. They basically work in recruitment, placing people in jobs. They are sometimes referred to as ‘executive searchers.’ It sounds far more professional, but much less fun.


The world of headhunting has indeed taken a sleek turn with the rise of connectivity and online networks. As a virtual head hunter, one dives into the depths of the job market armed with a sharp eye for talent and a stellar professional network. Just imagine getting paid a commission for simply connecting a company with the perfect candidate—all from the comfort of your home office. The more niche and in-demand the role, the higher your potential payout. The thrill of the hunt has never been so profitable, nor so utterly devoid of camo pants and binoculars.


Live Mannequin

Being a live mannequin or human statue can rake in up to $100 per hour. That’s probably because this unusual job involves staying perfectly still, to a standard most of us could not achieve, and certainly isn’t for anyone who gets bored very easily.


Live mannequins, or human statues, are a unique form of entertainment, and can be seen in many places around the world, from shopping malls to art galleries. As a live mannequin, you will be required to stand still for long periods of time, without moving or speaking, while people look on. This is no easy task, as you must maintain your composure and remain in character for the duration of your performance.

The job of a live mannequin is often seen as a form of performance art, and can involve wearing elaborate costumes or makeup. Many live mannequins specialize in certain genres, such as mime, clowning, or even dance. It is not uncommon for live mannequins to be hired for special events, such as weddings or corporate functions.

The pay for a live mannequin can vary greatly, depending on the event and the requirements. Some live mannequins may make up to $100 per hour, while others may make much less. It is important to note that live mannequins are usually paid in cash, and may not receive any benefits or other forms of compensation.


Sperm or Egg Donors

I wouldn't categorize this as a permanent and stable job, but you can make money off sperm and egg donations. Although it is controversial and some people view this way of making money with disdain, it pays well. Men can earn around $200 dollars per donation and women can earn up to $8,000. But then again there are other ways to make money.


Crime Scene Cleaner

This is another of the unusual jobs and I can't think of anyone who would strive to become a crime scene cleaner, which may be the reason why the pay is so high. Cleaners can earn about $35,000 in the entry-level position and even see their paycheck gradually increase to over six figures!


Crab Fisherman

For all of you crab lovers, you can make a great deal of money by catching them. This profession can pay up to $60,000 a year! However, are you wiling to put yourself in danger for a big paycheck?


Crab fishing is not only a lucrative job, but it also requires a lot of hard work and bravery. These fishermen often work long hours in harsh weather conditions, risking their lives to catch these valuable crustaceans. The job can be physically demanding, as they have to haul heavy crab pots and navigate treacherous waters. In addition, the crab fishing season is short, usually lasting only a few months, so they have to make the most of their time on the water. Despite the challenges, many people are drawn to this profession for the high salary potential and the thrill of the catch.


Water-slide Tester

Being a water-slide tester may seem like a dream job for the adrenaline lovers! Although this opportunity is rare, it comes with a lot of pros like a good salary and free access to water parks. Never underestimate the water-slide testers because they can make more than $30,000 in some cases just for riding slides!


Water-slide testing is an unusual job that offers a surprisingly good salary. Although it’s rare, it’s a great opportunity for adrenaline-loving thrill-seekers. Water-slide testers can make more than $30,000 a year, and they get the added benefit of free access to water parks.

The job of a water-slide tester is to test the slides for safety, ensuring that the slides are up to code and that they are free of any potential hazards. They also check for any signs of wear and tear, making sure that the slides are safe for riders. This job requires a lot of attention to detail, as water-slide testers must ensure that the slides are safe for all riders.

Water-slide testers also need to be comfortable with heights and have a good sense of balance. They must also be physically fit, as they will be spending a lot of time riding the slides. Additionally, they must be able to identify potential hazards and be able to communicate their findings to the park owners.


Pearl Diver

The job of a pearl diver is dangerous. You have to skim the ocean floor as sharks glide right by you and search for pearls. You are forced to be in an unfamiliar territory but hey, you are paid for putting yourself in danger! Some divers get $1,200 per day!


Voice over Work

You don't have to be famous to make a good amount of money as a voice-over artist. So if you have a unique voice, show it off in a commercial or cartoon because even after five minutes you can make about $325! Some artists make about $50,000-$80,000 a year!

Well now you’re aware of some of the unusual jobs out there and how well they pay, who’s thinking of a career change?

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Oh wow. That was quite surprising. Personal shopper!

Food scientist

Some of these sound amazing !

How do you apply for some of these jobs could you please let me no thank you for sharingso please if you no could you please post to me?

Personal shopper = right up my alley! Where can I sign up? I would LOVE more info!

That's astonishing 😦 why haven't I heard these before? Thank god I came across them now. Better late than never. Some of them look pretty interesting 😊

Well if you want to meet me I will be shopping for a future model/singer/actress :)

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