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25 Stellar Tips to save Money when Shopping ...

By Damito

Shopping is an essential part of our lives and it can be a chore. If you are on an extremely tight budget, shopping can seem a very daunting task. We can all use some money saving tips and techniques to help keep the money in our bank accounts instead of in corporate pockets.

With these awesome money saving hacks, you will find out how to score the best deals when shopping for everything from electronics to clothing.

1 Find Discounted Gift Cards. Using Websites like Cardpool or Raise, Will Help You Find Unwanted Gift Cards at a Steep Discount. the Average is about a 16 Percent Discount. You Can Find a $100 Gift Card for Only $84. This Will save You $16

2 Buy at the End of the Shopping Season: the Best Time of Year to Replace All Your Worn-out Stuff is when the Season Has Ended. This Includes Savings on Clothing, Supplies, and Gear. Need a New Grill? Wait until the End of Summer before Heading to Lowe’s or Home Depot. You Could Find Savings from $50 and up


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3 Don’t Just Look at Amazon; Check out Their Warehouse: before You Decide to Purchase an Item, Look at Amazon Warehouse to See if It is Available. These Items Might Be Slightly Used but You Can Get Them at Significant Savings

4 Look for Promotional Codes: Most Online Retailers Will Offer Discount Codes. Go to Google Search and Search Your Retailer with the Words Promo Codes to See if They Have Any Available. Go to to Check for Coupons Too before You Finish Your Purchase. Here Are Some Recent Savings: $47.96 off a Sweater and Men’s Jeans from the Gap That Was Worth $119.90. I Also Got $31.98 off of a Land’s End Dress That Was Priced at $79.95. Making Total Savings of about $80

5 Make Purchases through You Can Get Cash Back and Coupons for Purchases from over 5,000 Retailers from This Website. You Can Find Coupons to Get $70 off of a ThinkPad X1 Carbon Laptop

6 Purchase Refurbished Computers: You Don’t Have to Pay Huge Amounts for the Latest Computer Models. Check out and Find a Refurbished Laptop That Comes with a One Year Warranty for Just $100. That’s Significant Savings

7 Find Cheap Magazines: if You Subscribe to Numerous Magazines, Check out an App Called Texture. for Just a Small Monthly Fee, You Can Access over 200 Magazines Online. This Can save You between $10 and $50 per Subscription

8 Don’t Buy Prom Dresses, Rent Them: if You Need an Evening Gown or Glamorous Dress for Just One Night, Don’t Waste the Money on Buying One. Go to the Website and Look at What They Have. a Gown That Goes for $700 in Stores Could Be Rented for around $100. This is a Saving of $600

9 Get Refunds: Many Stores Will Refund Price Drops after You Buy an Item. an App Called Earny Will Find Price Drops and Claim Them for You. You Might Just save $220 when That Laptop You Ordered Went on Sale a Few Days Later

10 Wait for Mattresses to Go on Sale: Don’t Ever Buy a Mattress at the Department Store Price. These Stores Usually Put These on Sale a Huge Discounts. One National Chain Store Put Their Queen Mattresses on Sale for Almost 50 Percent off. It Usually Sold for $3,589 It Was Put on Sale for $1,749

11 Stop Clipping Coupons: Instead Use an App Called SnipSnap. This Allows You to Store Digital Images of Coupons on Your Smart Phone. This Makes It Easier to “carry” Coupons around. You Will Be Less Likely to Lose Coupons This Way

12 Create Your Own Greeting Cards: Go to to Make Free Cards. This Could save You up to $10 per Card

13 Find Free E-books: Go to to Find over 60,000 Books That Are Free to Download on Your E-reader. This Can save You Anywhere from $3 to $10 per Book

14 Look at Unit Prices: Don’t Look at the Sticker Price. Focus on the Price per Ounce or However Your Item is Measured. for Example: a One Liter Bottle of Soda Will Cost 32 Cents per Pint as Opposed to 55 Cents per Pint when Bought in 12 Ounce Cans. This Could save You about $10 a Week

15 Think about Shave Clubs: You Will Pay around $2 per Razor Cartridge with Online Shave Clubs like Dollar Shave Club or Harry’s. Compared to Brand Name Cartridges in Stores You Will save about $2.50 or $60 a Year

16 Find Savings at Your Local Library: Get Free Passes to Museums, Rent Movies, and Stream Books from Your Local Library. Most New York State Public Libraries Will Give You Free Passes to the Museum of Modern Art Located in Manhattan. This Will save You $25 per Person

17 Purchase Ink Cartridges That Have Been Refilled. You Can Find New Cartridges for an HP Printer on Amazon for $82.70. Refilled Cartridges Only Cost $19.99. This Saves You over $60

18 Book Swap: Go to the Website and Make a List of Book You Would like to Get Rid of. You Get Points when You Send These Books to People Who Want Them. You Can Use Those Points to Order Other Books. You Get an Average Savings of about $80 on Three Hardback Books

19 Gimp Photo App: if You Love to Photo Edit, Download the Gimp App Absolutely Free. This Would save You about $120 Each Year Instead of Paying $10 Each Month on Photoshop

20 Find Recyclables: See if Your Community or County Has a Chapter of Somebody near You Might Be Giving Away Something You Need to Buy. a Chapter in New York Listed a Crib That Usually Costs about $60 New

21 Use an Online Clothes Swap: the Website Has Listings of over 10,000 Clothing Items That Members Would like to Swap. if You See Something You Would like to Have, Just Offer Another Article of Clothing in Exchange. if Your Offer Gets Accepted, Just Mail the Item to the Person. No Money Exchanges Hands. the Only Cost is the Cost of Postage. You Could save a Lot of Money on a New Jacket or Dress

22 Get Free Movies: if You Belong to Any of the 4,000 Participating Campuses and Libraries, You Could Stream about 30,000 Movies Absolutely Free. Go over to and See What’s Available. if You Just Watch One Movie Each Week, You Might save around $156 over a Year’s Time Instead of Purchasing Movies Online

23 Have a Morning Party Instead of a Dinner Party. Partying at Brunch is Just as Much Fun as It is in the Evening. the Foods That Get Served Such as Bread and Eggs Are Cheaper than What is Served at Dinner. You Won’t Go through as Much Liquor during Brunch as You do at Dinner. Your Savings Could Be Anywhere from $40 and up Depending on What You Are Serving

24 Watch out for Movie Ticket Fees. Some Online Ticket Sellers Will Charge up to $2 per Ticket for Convenience Fees. You Can by Pass This by Buying It at the Box Office or Find a Vendor Who Doesn’t Charge a Fee

25 Share Your Season Tickets: Check with Your Seat Neighbors and Trade Tickets if You Can’t Use Yours at Some Point. This Might save You about $200 on Two NFL Tickets

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