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19 Awesome Side Jobs for Stay-at-Home Moms ...

By Neecey

As a mom you’re already working hard every day doing your best for your family. But if you need extra money to pay bills or you want to keep your career skills up to date, there are jobs you can do from home. You’ll need to be organized and manage your schedule but you can do that! And if you can, here’s what you might consider doing:

1 Artist

Artist If you have always been a creative type, why not try your hand at some freelance artwork like designing logos for startup companies? You can be paid for your creativity at sites like

2 Photography

Photography If you look after a small child, the chances are you are probably out for walks and on adventures a lot. Utilize what you see every day by putting up some photography for sale!

3 Data Entry

Data Entry Lots of big companies like to outsource some of their data entry work for people like stay at home moms to complete. It’s an easy way to make money from home.

4 Mystery Shopping

Mystery Shopping This is a great gig if you can get it: getting paid to go in to different stores and assess their customer service. Can be easily done with a baby or toddler trailing behind!

5 Market Research

Market Research There are lots of different sites online where you can apply to part of market research groups that pay people to assess different products and gives opinions on ideas that companies might have.

6 Surveys

Surveys You can sign up to a number of different online survey sights where you are paid to compete forms from any number of different brands and organizations.

7 Merchandise Checking

Merchandise Checking A site like RQA, Inc. actually pays people to visit stores and conduct checks to see if certain brands of merchandise are being displayed and advertised correctly.

8 Write and Sell an EBook

Write and Sell an EBook If you are one of those people who have always felt the call to write a novel, then it has never been easier to turn a Word document in to a Kindle file and put it up for sale on Amazon!

9 EBay

EBay Spring clean your home and you will be surprised at just how many unwanted items you have that you can sell to other people on eBay.

10 Neighborhood Help

Neighborhood Help Offer your services to people who might be in need in your own neighborhood, perhaps dog walking, shopping for the elderly, even washing windows!

11 Tutor

Tutor Put your education to good use and offer your services as a tutor to students in your area that need to improve their grades.

12 Consultant

Consultant If you quit a highly paid job to be a stay at home mom, then why not put your training and expertise to use by becoming a home consultant for companies in your field?

13 Solve Problems

Solve Problems You can apply to become a problem solver at websites like and

14 Write Articles

Write Articles Try your hand at writing some lifestyle or self-help articles that you can pitch and sell to places like and

15 Collect Cans and Bottles

Collect Cans and Bottles It’s just a little bit of extra cash, but you can collect aluminum cans and glass bottles, which you can then exchange for cash on the spot at a local depot.

16 Airbnb

Airbnb If you have a spare bedroom in your home, you can make a good regular income by renting out the room to people traveling through your city.

17 Ideas

Ideas If you have some great ideas for anything from slogans to inventions, then you might be able to get paid for your ideas at sites like, and

18 Monetize Blog

Monetize Blog Lots of stay at home moms run brilliant and insightful blogs that have thousands of regular readers. If you have one too you should look in to getting it monetized through advertisements. Ar minimum you should Google Adsense but there are other ways to be paid to feature products and services and be paid to do so.

19 Freelance

Freelance Whatever talents you might have, there will most likely be somebody looking to enlist your services at sites like and

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