9 Lifesaving Tools to Help Career Girls Work Smarter Not Harder ...

By Neecey

9 Lifesaving Tools to Help Career Girls Work Smarter  Not Harder ...

My Nan had a saying, “If it is hard to do…. good!” She figured that anything worth having is worth working for. She was right, but just because I want a log fire, it doesn’t mean I have to cut down a tree. I figure there are plenty of areas in life where we could use a helping hand from an app or website without compromising our hard-work ethics. Here is a combination of websites and apps for you to try.

1 Calendly

Calendly calendly.com

If you are the type of lady that likes to have things organized, but you have yet to find the right tool for you, then you should try this organizer tool. You have probably tried a great many other organizing tools with no luck, but the compartmental nature of this one may be just what you need.

2 Start Date Apps

Start Date Apps asana.com

This is an interesting idea that helps you recognize and remember start dates as well as deadlines. You enter the start date and end date of your tasks, so that they are on your radar. It means you do not have to worry about tasks because you are prompted when you need to start and stop them. There are plenty of tools that will help you with this, such as Asana, Wunderlist, Finish, Omnifocus, and Pagico.

3 Stopwatch Apps

Stopwatch Apps itunes.apple.com

There are quite a few of them on the Internet. They are handy if you believe in the whole Ultradiam rhythm thing where it claims it takes up to 90 minutes for us to lose focus, whereupon we are supposed to take a break. If you are doing labor-intensive work, you should time yourself for a comfortable amount of time (I suggest 20 minutes) and take a break right after.

4 Reporter

Reporter itunes.apple.com

As it says on the iTunes advert, “It illuminates aspects of your life that might be otherwise immeasurable.” You track the things you care about and then take short surveys about them randomly. It helps you put things in perspective, and maybe highlight a few areas where you may be wasting your time.

5 Trello

Trello play.google.com

With Trello, you may create boards on your app to organize the things you are working on. You can use it on your own, or have your friends and family collaborate with you. There are to-do lists, and you can upload videos and photos to make your lists and boards more clear and easier to use.

6 Mind Tools

Mind Tools mindtools.com

This is a website loaded with advice and help on a massive variety of productivity related issues. Their free articles are great, but do not be suckered into buying their motivational services or anything of that nature. Stick to the free advice.

7 Working with Music Apps

Working with Music Apps play.google.com

Play music that matches the tasks you are doing. If you are doing work that requires lots of exercise, then an upbeat piece is needed. If you are doing written work or work at a desk, then a little relaxation music will help tune out the sound of traffic, dogs barking and co-workers yelling at each other.

8 Toggl

Toggl toggl.com

Use this website to figure out how long each task takes. It will make you a better planner, and it will highlight areas where either you are taking too long, or where you are being distracted. It is very easy to use, but the downside is that you have to sign up to use it.

9 Find out Free

Find out Free findoutfree.co.uk

An ever-growing website of free information on just about everything. There are some very useful articles on things such as overcoming addiction, right down to things you can do to save money. There are some brilliant pieces on wealth building. The website is growing all the time, and is privately sponsored, which means there are no annoying adverts. Keep checking back for new posts because there are regular updates.

I’m sure there’s something here that will appeal and work for you.

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I had used it ....it contains very soft and realistic musics

Relax melody is actually a very nice app

Do you like it?? Is it worth the download?

I've been using findoutfree fro a while now.

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