Online Courses Career Girls Can Take to Get Ahead in Life ...


Online Courses Career Girls Can Take to Get Ahead in Life ...
Online Courses Career Girls Can Take to Get Ahead in Life ...

In this dog eat dog world – or maybe we should say bitch eat bitch world – any advantage you can give yourself in your career is a must. Whether you want a promotion, have your eye on a change of career or are your own boss, there are tons of courses that will enhance your skills. You can find those very specific to your profession/job or more general ones like these:

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One of the best online courses available right now is Spreeder. Nearly all modern jobs, especially office related jobs, put a big focus on the ability to read and retain information at a speedy rate to increase productivity, and this course will help you to learn the tricks to reading up three times faster than you do right now. This can be a really helpful skill to have if you are the kind of motivated worker who wants to get a lot of extra work done over the course of a day.



There are literally thousands of apps and courses out there that claim to be the very best in helping you to learn a new language, but Duolingo might just be the service that truly deserves the crown. You can pick any language that you are interested in learning and you are encouraged to pick up the lingo through a series of fun games and activities that feel less like tests and more like enjoyable tech time.


Public Speaking

The thought of public speaking can be really daunting to some people, but if you want to go far in business then you will inevitably have to stand in front of people and give speeches and presentations over the years. This online course is a fantastic resource that helps you to build up the courage and confidence to deliver clear and precise speeches without stammering or getting lost in your own track of thought.



In the cutthroat world of business, you need to be strong in your convictions and know just how to negotiate in such a way that leaves you happy and your counterparts not feeling unsatisfied or taken advantage of. This course of how to successfully master the art of negotiation is an absolute must for any budding business woman. Nothing in the business comes without a price, and you need to be looking to make the best deals you can!


Above Entry Level

When you enter in to the workplace at entry level, it can be very hard to stand out from the crowd because all of the new recruits will have the same skill sets. However, if you take this course beforehand, you will be able to have an advantage over your colleagues at it teaches you some of the basics that an employee above entry will possess. Having a slightly more advanced confidence and knowledge of your sector will really impress your bosses.


Business Writing

Being a proficient journal writer is one thing, but being skilled at the art of professional business writing is another. Take this course and you will soon find yourself with ability to confidently write in a businesslike manner, and once learned it is a skill that will bring you much success as you progress through the ranks.


Thinking and Action

Having the ability to cease an opportunity and take the initiative is crucial to succeeding in business, so if you feel like you need to be advised on exactly how to have the very best entrepreneurial instincts, then this course on thinking and action in the business world will help you to achieve and realize your very best and most productive self.


Tips and Tools for Editing

This is a great course for you if you do any type of editing at work. It's also handy if you enjoy writing in your free time and if you feel like you need some practice at catching common spelling and grammatical mistakes. The course will give you tons of ways to create flawless memos, documents and much more.


Boss School

In just 10 weeks, you can get through this fabulous course that will turn you from an employee into the boss. The class is 24/7 so you can work on it anytime that fits your schedule. If you've wanted to climb the ranks and someday own your own business, you'll learn all the skills you need, including everything from legal documents to pricing to finding investors.


Introduction to Computer Science

This course is offered by Harvard and is completely free. You'll learn all kinds of skills that will help you stand out at the office. That includes data structures, resource management, software engineering and web development. These are things are predominately male oriented so it really pays to be a girl who can do all of them. Get ready to climb that corporate ladder!

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