Use These 8 Psychological Tricks to Nail an Interview ...


Use These 8 Psychological Tricks to Nail an Interview ...
Use These 8 Psychological Tricks to Nail an Interview ...

Sometimes, the hardest part of a new job is actually getting it in the first place! The interview process is always likely to be a nerve-wracking and anxious one, but it is really just all about going in there armed with as much preparation and confidence as you can. Here are some psychological tricks to nail an interview.

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Dress for Success

If you dress smartly for an interview, you automatically feel more like you are the part, and that confidence will affect your interviewer as well. Yellow is a great colour for putting across the right kind of vibe, because it evokes warmth, clarity and optimism, all perfect interview tones.


Be Punctual

It is ALWAYS better to be 20 minutes early than 20 minutes late! Make sure that you keep to time on the day of your interview; the absolute worst thing that you could do is be even fine minutes late. It’s the only chance you have to make a first impression.


Match Body Language

People always respond better to those who they feel are similar to them in some way, so try to pick up on your interviewer's body language and make an effort to replicate it, without seeming like some sort of weird circus clown, of course!


Common Ground

Try to work out what kind of common interests and traits you have in common with your interviewer, and make an effort to highlight these similarities in your answers and in your general conversation. It is a cheat code way to strike an immediate connection!



Always be sincere in your answers, nobody takes a liking to someone who seems overly cocky and superior. Don’t do a whole half hour of self-promotion. They have your CV, they know about all your achievements, they want to get a feel for you as a person rather than a walking qualification.


Power Pose

Make sure that your stance and pose is one point during the interview. Don’t slouch, hold your head up, and try to make it feel as if you have been here for years rather than coming in for your first time. People respond well to this kind of confidence.


Eye Contact

Don’t stare at your own hands or at the wall when answering questions. Make sure to maintain friendly eye contact with the interviewer whenever it is appropriate. You don’t want to stare at them the whole time to make them feel uncomfortable, but at the same time you need to build a rapport.



Be as honest as you can be, because even little white lies can trip you up! When you get asked the classic ‘what is your greatest weakness’ question, don’t filibuster with something like “I’m too much of a perfectionist”. Be open about what your flaws are and you will feel much more human and relatable to people.

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