How to Answer the 'What is Your Weakness' Question in an Interview ...

It’s a question that you always get asked, and for some reason it is a question that every single person tends to struggle with. You are in a job interview and you are trying your best to impress, so what the hell should you say when you get asked what your biggest weakness is? You don’t want to say something stupid and false, and equally you don’t want to say something so serious that it puts you out of the running for the job! Here is how to answer the ‘what is your weakness’ question in an interview.

1. Be Honest

The best course of action is always to try to be as honest as possible. Interviewers can tell when you are being sincere, and they can also tell when you are willing to try to work on your weaknesses. If you are bad at math, then let them know that. No flaw like that is something that can never be improved and worked upon! This kind of question is always asked to get a better handle on you as a person, rather than trying to identify or exploit any kind of career-ending flaw!