How to Highlight Your Soft Skills in a Job Application ...

You might be familiar with something that is known as ‘soft skills’ on resumes, CVs, and job applications. These are the skills that you possess that, whilst still being important, aren’t necessarily things that are specifically essential for the role that you are applying for. When you are concentrating on looking as suitable and good for the job as possible, it can sometimes be easy to forget about these lesser skills, but I happen to think they can play an important part in the process. They can be especially useful when you are applying for a job with no experience of the industry or your first job after graduating. Here is how to big up your soft skills in a job application.

1. Be Specific

It is easy to turn soft skills into hard ones if you thoroughly read the job description and come up with ways to link your general positive traits to the requirements of the role. For example, if the job requires a lot of customer service, then a great soft skill to emphasise would be something along the lines of being a proficient debater during your school years. In a similar fashion, point to your stellar attendance record in school or college to highlight the fact that you are a punctual and dependable person.

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