5 Ways Gender Inequality and Bias Exist in Your Workplace ...

When people say ‘oh things are a hundred times better for women now that they were fifty years ago’, on the whole, they are correct. The fight for equality is one that is slowly being won in most countries around the world but don’t be mistaken by that, there is still a long way to go! You only have to look at some of the discrimination that is still going on in the modern day workplace to know that our mission has yet to be accomplished. Here are five ways that gender inequality and bias exist in your workplace.

1. Promotion and Advancement

Did you know that last year, the number of women on boards only increased by 3%? This is down to an age-old sexist view that women have more to worry about and take care of in the home, and therefore aren’t granted as much advancement in the workplace with employers preferring a man who can have better ‘priorities’.