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7 Hidden Expenses Draining Your Bank Account for Girls Low on Cash ...

By Jennifer

If you're always out of pocket no matter how fiscally responsible you try to be, you might be able to blame it on a few hidden expenses you forgot to budget for. What are these wallet-wrecking expenses, and how much should you plan to pay for them? Let's break it down.

1 Haircut and Color

Haircut and Color I see my stylist once a month for a cut and color, but sometimes I forget to set that $80-$100 aside! How much do you usually spend on your styling? Add that to the budget.

2 Car Maintenance

car, motor vehicle, vehicle, automotive design, personal luxury car, It's easy to forget to add the cost of oil changes and new plates for your car, since they're not monthly expenses. But don't forget to add them in once a year (for the plates) and once every three months (for the oil changes), depending on how much you drive.

3 Period Products

polka dot, design, shoulder, pattern, neck, Whyyy are tampons and pads so expensive, and why do we still have to pay sales tax on them? Anyway... whether you use a cup, sponges, pads, tampons, or period panties, don't forget to budget for these, because chances are, you'll be needing them when Aunt Flow comes to visit. #therewillbeblood

4 Coffee

meal, food, brunch, eating, lunch, Okay, if you grab a latte every morning on your way to work, that's going to cost you about $20 to $25 each week, or about $100 a month. Ouch! Brew your own at home, or be sure to budget for your caffeine bliss.

5 Clothing Incidentals

fashion model, supermodel, lingerie, photo shoot, undergarment, Look, I'm not a clothes horse (lies!) but I do like to budget about $25 a month for new clothes. This covers socks (to replace the ones my dryer eats), new underwear (for the ones I've wrecked during Shark Week), and so on. This little set-aside isn't for REAL clothes, just the incidentals that are no fun to shop for, but still need to be bought on occasion.

6 Gifts

Gifts Chances are, someone you know is celebrating a birthday RIGHT NOW. Then there's all the other holidays all year long, and let's not even talk about Christmas! If you set aside a small amount every month, you won't take a huge hit when you have a gift (or three) to buy.

7 Co-Pays

Co-Pays Sure, you've budgeted for health insurance premiums, but don't forget to save a little for doctor visit and prescription co-pays, too.

What other sneaky little expenses can wreak havoc on your monthly budget? Let me know, so I can add them to my little spreadsheet — and yes, I do have a budget spreadsheet!

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